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Best Technology Blogs of 2015

Welcome to our list of Top Technology Blogs on the internet!

Our goal with these top lists is to provide awareness on the different blog niches that are out there. We do this by providing individual research into the niche, as well as a list of 25 very awesome blogs, which are dominating these niches.

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Check out the top 25 Technology blogs courtesy of @NinjaOutreach

Now - let's learn about the Technology niche!

How Many Technology Blogs Are There?

A search for Technology blogs yields over 981 million results:


What Are Technology Blogs Writing About?

Here are the top shared articles in the niche.


While each Technology blog is different, they tend to write about interesting technology and hardware. There is more a focus on mainstream applications such as products from Google and Apple. Technology that is considered "cool" and is more likely to get featured.

Here is a word cloud of a typical Technology blog:


What Is The Demographic Of Readers Of Technology Blogs?

A typical audience demographic of a Technology blog might look like the following:


In short, it tends to be younger, high school aged girls and boys, browsing at school.

How Do Technology Blogs Make Money?

Because technology is expensive, bloggers rarely have their own products. Instead, they focus heavily on reviewing other products and earning commissions through affiliate sales. This is strengthened by the fact that technology tends to be expensive and therefore allows for healthy commissions.

How Can You Work With Technology Blogs?

If you are looking to attract attention from technology bloggers, we strongly recommend including an affiliate program as part of your outreach. Focus on bloggers who are writing reviews of products related to yours. If the technology you have is digital, as opposed to hardware, you can provide a free copy as part of the review and potentially couple it with a giveaway, since there is no marginal cost.

What Are The Top Technology Blogs On The Internet?


How Did We Rank The Top Technology Blogs?

Our primary source for finding Technology blogs comes from our tool, Ninja Outreach.

We can put in Technology blogs as a keyword and find thousands of results. We sorted these results by domain authority to find the top ranking ones. Following that, we individually went to each website to confirm that it was up to date and relevant.

What Other Top Lists Do You Have?

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