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A reminder from our editors: We may choose not to take the time to reply once we notice that you did not take the time to comply with our guidelines in the first place.

Ninja Outreach is an all-in-one blogger prospecting and outreach software. We have a DA 50-plus blog and our readers are composed of marketers, agencies, bloggers, small to medium-sized business owners—basically professionals or organizations that need to do tons of prospecting, lead generation, and email outreach!
Our goal is for our awesome audience to always pick up fresh, valuable, and actionable lessons from our articles.
So please take some time to repeat these three tenets:

Fresh. Valuable. Actionable.

We understand these words lean towards the subjective, so let’s start by giving you examples of what we do not consider to be fresh, valuable, and actionable.

Exhibit number one: “Content is king.”

Does that phrase still sound fresh to you? It was coined by Bill Gates in his article published in 1996.
And since then, it has been repeated, rephrased, given so many modifications, to the point that it has lost all meaning to us.
Time is gold. Love is blind. Content is king.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of something we do not consider fresh.
Content is king. Violets are blue. We need fresh ideas from you!
So come up with your own ideas, please—preferably ideas that have not been done to death since the ‘90s. 😉

Exhibit number two: “Content is the most important thing for your business exposure.”

Imagine asking somebody: “Hey, I want to know how to get more exposure for my business.”
That somebody (let’s call it Oracle writer) turns to you with a knowing look, and replies, with this:
“Content is the most important thing for your business exposure.”
That’s it.
That’s all you get. A modification of the “content is king” phrase with no explanation why, no citation of what a respected expert or group of experts have said to bolster this point, no authoritative statistics to confirm the fact, no case studies to show a before-after, and no process guides to show you how exactly content can give your business more exposure.
It’s like telling someone who's having car troubles in the middle of nowhere, to “just think positive.”
What’s worse, Oracle writer moves straight to the next bullet point: “Network with influencers for maximum exposure.” Again, no further explanations, citations, or guidance.
Pretty soon, Oracle writer is rattling off advice after advice:
“email outreach is crucial for building sticky relationships”
“connect with influencers on social media”
generate leads by guest posting to top sites”
... trite passages that any marketer worth their salt already knows.
All this, aspiring contributor, is not fresh. It is not valuable, and it is definitely not actionable.
Please do not be an Oracle writer, and give our readers something more to work with.
You can give them these pointers, but always support your statements with authoritative links, case studies (by others or your own), and process guides complemented by screenshots.

Do not simply tell them, show them the way.

Respect our readers by giving them fresh, valuable, and actionable content, and we will gladly open our doors for you. (We will even fix smaller slips in grammar, spelling, and formatting! Provided they shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to edit, of course.)
Above all, what we require is substance. And if, at a glance, we see that your article has it, then—
You. Shall. Pass!
Otherwise, it’s down to the dark, lonely abyss with the other Oracle writers.

Want to know what we like ?

Check out these article writing styles we favor. Clear phrasing, crisp, direct, and with substance. No Fluff.

We also like expert style pieces like these:

Guest post guidelines you must follow

  • High-quality articles and infographics about Marketing, SaaS, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Growth Hacking, Influencer Marketing, or Email Outreach.
  • “How-to” posts, Ultimate guides, infographics, and case studies. Lots of case studies!
  • Your article should be at least 1500 words.
  • Include at least four (4) images within the article and attach it to your submission. We prefer relevant process or app screenshots. No stock photos, please.
  • Link out to at least two (2) relevant sources to support your claim. (One of the links can be your own.)
  • Link to at least one of Ninja Outreach’s post. We have tons of articles on the blog you can choose from.
  • Link freely as long as they are relevant and within reason. But remember, everything is subject to review, so we may remove or edit any text or links we find unsuitable.
  • For list posts, we only accept expanded versions. See the article below as an example: The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing
  • Please submit an author bio no longer than 300 characters. Author image should be in .png or .jpg format. We prefer 300 pixel wide and 300 pixel in length. Please do not be overly promotional. We reserve the right to tone down excessive descriptions and link stuffing.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article to fit our content format and to remove any unnecessary links we may find, but we will inform you upon doing so.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws. We will only publish unique content (articles that haven’t been published before).
  • For an in-detail writer guideline, please visit this document.

What’s in it for you

  • Build SEO: We’re a DA 50-plus site and yes, we do issue dofollow backlinks. Link freely as long as they are relevant and within reason. But remember, everything is subject to review, so we may remove or edit anything we find unsuitable.
  • Build exposure: We promote these guest posts to our audience of over 40k monthly visitors and 11k subscribers (still counting!) We also promote new articles in our weekly newsletters and social channels.
  • Build reputation: Level yourself as an expert.

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