NinjaOutreach is the brain child of three internet marketers who saw a need for better outreach marketing tools.
For years people have been researching influencers, collecting valuable data and contact information, emailing and tweeting, and building out client reports.
Except they were using a dozen different tools to do so.
We put our heads together and asked ourselves one, simple question:
Can we do this all in one?
The answer, of course, is yes.
And so, like ninjas, we did.
Ninja Outreach is now a blooming software business, which also offers digital marketing services ranging from prospecting to entirely done for you outreach campaigns. Contact us to inquire about our services.

Meet The Ninjas

Mark Samms

Mark's got a big heart and even bigger dreams - he's the main motivator behind NinjaOutreach and keeps the team together.

Dave Schneider

When Dave's girlfriend wants to know why the dishes aren't done he writes her a blog post. He excels in content marketing and all things written. Check out his work on our blog.

Aris Santos
Outreach Manager

Aris is in charge of customer success inside the app and customer acquisition outside of it. He knows our customers better than anyone else!

Md Tarek Hossain
Tarek Dinaji
SEO Manager

Tarek is the eyes and ears of our website and blog acquisitions - no bad influencer transfers escapes his sight! He’s also responsible for NinjaOutreach’s exploding organic traffic.

Jack Zorola
User Exp. Manager

Jack is in charge of every single experience users have in the application - no pressure at all!

You can’t be NinjaOutreach without an outreach specialist.
Viktor Popovski
Relations Manager

Passionate marketer and avid football and cocktails fan. Plots to raise an army of cats to take over the world someday.

Faye Legaspi
Customer Support

Faye is our newest addition to the support and marketing team. We're certain she's going to make a big impact!

Nina Alberto
Social Media

Nina puts our theories to the test by running our outreach campaigns. She's generated more links for NinjaOutreach than anyone

Sergei Shatskiy
Sr. Engineer

Sergei redesigned our application, and continues to work tireless to improve the user experience throughout the app.

Evgen Schastnyy
Asset Manager

A windsurfer in mind, and marketer on the outside, Evgen is always coming up with fresh ideas.

Andrey Djuliy
Sr. Engineer

Andrey hunts and destroys bugs on the reg. In his spare time, he also builds massive features like our Outreach logic (NBD)

Hau Nguyen

We don't know "Hau" Hau does it. He makes our website and application look pretty.

Arantxa Becerra
User Exp. Intern

Heart and passion is what defines a good starter and that definitely defines Arantxa as well.

Hazel Mae Pan
Content Manager

Hazel is in charge of content writing, editing, and strategy. She is the new NinjaOutreach blog manager, and anything to do with guest posting or publishing written content to and from NinjaOutreach falls under her watch.

Tibor Anicic

Digital Marketer with newfound passion for hiking. When he isn't learning marketing, he actually does some work.

Nenad Sibinovikj

Everlasting optimist and emotional wine drinker. Always hungry for knowledge and striving for ultimate client satisfaction.

Daphnie Loong
Content Manager

Daphnie's biggest strength is her way with words - crafting raw text into power packed punches for NinjaOutreach. Her biggest weakness? An irrational love for mugs.

Filip Pavlić
Sr. Developer

Filip is in charge to build and translate complex code into powerful, simple to use and user-friendly designs. "Cannot be done" is not in his dictionary. In spare time, he is passionate downhill rider, loves nature and good food.