Which is better?

BuzzSumo Alternatives:
NinjaOutreach vs BuzzSumo

With apps that look similar at first glance, we bet you’re curious to find out how to choose one from the other.

Looking for a BuzzSumo alternative?

Many visitors come to our website and are curious about how we differentiate ourselves from BuzzSumo.

What is the difference between NinjaOutreach and BuzzSumo Pricing?

Certainly, there are some similarities, but there are differences as well.


Free Chrome Extension

Live Chat Support

Influencer Search Features

Live Content of Finding Leads

Instagram Search

Twitter Search

In-house Lead Database

Can Get Contact Info

Preview of Website Metrics

Influencer Outreach Features

Automated Outreach Scheduling

Can Connect to Gmail and/or IMAP

Email Personalization Tags

Automated Follow Ups

Open/Click/Reply tracking

Leads Blacklisting

Email History Tracking

Built-in CRM Features

Customer Notes, Tags, Relationship Labels

Can Import & Export Leads

Manage Leads with Team Members

1.NinjaOutreach is more intuitive

Our social database has both Twitter and Instagram influencers, whereas BuzzSumo just has Twitter.

Twitter influencers are great, but there are certain niches where Instagram influencers tend to be more relevant. For example, photo heavy niches like:

  • Food
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Travel

That’s just to name a few. 

If your clients are in these niches, you might benefit from having access to an Instagram database in addition to Twitter.

NinjaOutreach Instagram and Twitter Influencers Search Tab

2.NinjaOutreach has automated email outreach and follow up features

Tools like GroupHigh and BuzzSumo have a great database, no doubt about it. 

That said, NinjaOutreach has millions of websites in our database and growing, and always with the ability to import even more.

We have not only invested a lot in adding business lead contacts to our database, but we also have outreach features such as:

  • Custom templates
  • Open/Reply/Click tracking
  • Email history
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Sent/Not Sent Filtering

Plus other ways to effectively manage your outreach campaigns.

3.NinjaOutreach provides live support for all plans

Yep – NinjaOutreach customer service rocks. Generally, Support Ninjas respond to everything within 20 minutes. This is not a guarantee, but that’s how it typically plays out. 🙂

We even have a way to book a call with us in the app itself:

NinjaOutreach Schedule a Call

Bottom Line

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular influencer and content research tools out there, but it’s not perfect. And that’s where NinjaOutreach comes in. 

Where BuzzSumo falls short, NinjaOutreach delivers with a cached lead database, live content of finding leads (add any real-time results that you need), Instagram search, and the option to crawl for contact info.

BuzzSumo may be cheaper (by only a few dollars), but it has no outreach features at all, making it purely a lead generation and research tool. NinjaOutreach, on the other hand, lets you automate outreach campaigns and follow ups.

Ready to give NinjaOutreach a try?