Scalable And Effective Blogger Outreach Tool

Automate mass email outreach, autofill contact forms in a few clicks, and reach more leads in less time.


Automate Email Outreach Campaigns

Reach more leads in less time with automated email campaigns. Just save your outreach template, add the list of leads you want to reach, and set your campaign schedule. You can even automate up to 2 follow-up messages! Talk about getting work done while you sleep.

Personalize Templates In A Few Clicks

Use custom fields to automatically populate emails and contact forms with each lead’s distinct info. Add alternative phrase strings to your messages to produce unique combinations. All it takes are a few easy clicks. You’ll improve your deliverability and response rates!

quickly personalize your templates
contact form filler

Autofill Contact Forms

Reach up to 25% more leads with our contact form auto-filler.  Add your templates and personal fields directly into any contact form in one click. Keep track of any responses you receive in your message history.

Your Own Outreach Inbox

An in-app inbox syncs with your email client so you can send messages and view your influencer outreach message and follow ups in the same app.

Editing prospct form NinjaOutreach inbox mode

Track Your Email Statistics

Know which outreach templates are providing you with the highest open rates, click through rates, and reply rates. We also identify which leads are performing each action.

Don't Let Conversations Slip Away

In-app and email notifications alert you when a lead replies.
Filter by which leads opened, clicked, or replied to an email
as well as when follow ups are needed so leads don’t slip through the cracks.


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