Change Log - New Releases and Features

October updates

We just pushed some major software updates! 

  • You can now access YouTube and TikTok influencer data:

Pasted image 0 8

Pasted image 0 9

  • Thanks to the new gender filter you can find the right Instagram influencers in no time:

Unnamed 2

  • We also added the ability to combine anchor text with our custom fields when you create a template:

Unnamed 1 1

August updates

We just made several updates!

  • Now it’s even easier to find the right list thanks to the quick search on your List Management page!

Pasted image 0 3

  • We also added the option to pick which connected email you want to use to send a test email from

Pasted image 0 4

  • Also, now you easily can track your daily and monthly email sending limits via the Payment and Billing page:

Pasted image 0 5

June updates

We just pushed some major updates to our Templates page!

  • The quick search will help you find the template you need even faster:

Pasted image 0

  • Now it’s easier to see all the details you need when you are previewing your templates:

Pasted image 0 1

  • Also, we just added some new influencer outreach templates and you are more than welcome to use them:

Pasted image 0 2


We just pushed a software update!

Now you can easily filter all Instagram influencers based on contact information availability and find targets for your next email campaign even faster!

Screenshot 150


April updates

Some more updates from the team of NinjaOutreach!

Now you can find influencers only by applying filters! That allows you easily find influencers based in a specific location without having to use any keywords 😉

Unnamed 1


We just pushed some more software updates!

  • There are some major improvements to the campaign management page! Now you can easily see a quick overview of the general performance of your campaign:

Screenshot 123

  • It is much easier to track your # of users/seats & emails because we have improved the account usage tracking section:

Screenshot 52


March updates

We just pushed some software updates!

  • All follow-ups are automatically sent as a reply to the original email 😉
  • Also, you can see the quoted text from previous messages when you reply via our inbox:

Screenshot 93

  • Plus, we have improved the custom field for [Page URL] and now it will also include the URL prefix (https://):



February updates

We just did a software update with some changes related to our active campaign management section! 

Long story short:

  • Now you can manually remove followups for the recipients of your active campaigns (that comes in handy if a lead replies from another email address but you want to make sure they do not get any more followups, for example):

Followup updates 1

  • We have also added a more detailed info panel that helps you see the exact time the email was sent / will be sent:

Followup updates 2



January updates

We recently did some updates related to our emails section!

  • now you can instantly see the advanced options to insert IMAP/SMTP credentials:

Email integration updates

  • it's also possible to only specify SMTP credentials (this makes it easy to connect a send-only account, for example, Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Sendinblue):

Email integration updates 2

  • the application will also try to guess the correct connection parameters from the domain!


December updates

We just pushed some software updates!

Now you can track your export limits in a more convenient way and account owners have new permissions that will help them manage their team.

Account owners are now able to:

  • prevent sub-users from exporting any lists of leads
  • choose whether sub-users can see the other team members

My team updates
Also, it is much easier to track your account usage because we have improved the export counter and the paid exports are now being shown separately:

Leads updates


For any feedback, suggestion or problem do not hesitate to contact us!

Hazel Mae Pan

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager & Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.

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