Top 45 Business Blogs of 2017

Top 45 Business Blogs of 2017 | Ninja Outreach

Are you looking to update your business reading list with valuable insights, case studies, and commentary from proven entrepreneurs and experts? Then we have a list of top 45 business blogs for you.

A quick Google search for “top business blogs” will show you tons of results—mostly listicles rattling off blog recommendation after blog recommendation.

Top Marketing Blogs

We will attempt to do better. Instead of lumping everything together, we will give you a list divided into categories.

  • Best business blogs for news and updates about the general business community
  • Best business blogs with stellar founder interviews and founder insights
  • Best business blogs for startups and other newbie entrepreneurs
  • Best business blogs about behind the scenes, funding, tools, hiring, and other management practices
  • Top business journals and resources
  • Blogs by entrepreneurs whose minds you’d like to take a peek into
  • Distinguished business and finance publications

This should help you zero in on the business blogs that are most relevant to your needs.

A caveat: This list will not include business blog farms and blogs that contain too many disruptive ads. This list will feature only quality, clean websites, that offer real value to its readers (and not just the search engines).


To start, I opened our Ninja Outreach tool and hit Content Prospecting.

Next, I put in my search keyword: best “business news” blogs. I put “business news” in quotes to get more accurate results.

Then, I opened filters and put in a minimum Domain Authority of 29 with a max of 100.

business blog search

Below are my search results.

business blog search with filters

Next, I will manually whittle the results down to leave only the best ones.

I will take a look at each blog and check the kind of content they produce.

I will also check each blog’s SEO and traffic metrics using our Ninja Outreach chrome extension.

Now with all that said, here are my recommendations for top 45 business blogs to read.

A. Business blogs for news and updates on the business community

1. globalEDGE

Domain Authority: 87

globalEDGE is one of the most authoritative online portals for information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities.

The site was founded by the Michigan State University’s International Business Center, designated as a National Resource Center, and partially funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant.

The blog has a team of contributors and regularly publishes commentary on prevalent business news on a global scale.


The Future of Agriculture in India

The United States Begins a Trade Probe Into China

Where do Cryptocurrencies Fall in the International Currency Markets?

Initial Coin Offerings: A Shady Trend in International Capital Markets

2. The Conglomerate

Domain Authority: 55

If you’re tired of self-proclaimed “gurus” and overly marketed business “influencers,” The Conglomerate can serve you the kind of fresh, well-written content from certified field practitioners.

The blog is penned by a group of business, economics, and law professors who provide expert analysis and insights on key business issues and news.

Bonus: They won’t simply link to sources for the sake of marketing or SEO. Whatever source they cite is mostly just as authoritative and reliable. Think .edu, .gov sources, established journals, publications, and other official blogs.

It seems they haven’t updated for a few months, however. As of this writing, their latest blog post was from June of this year.

See: American Airlines, Qatar, and the NOL Poison Pill

3. Bill George

Domain Authority: 45

This blog is home to all editorial pieces and other articles written by, including, or featuring Bill George—former Chairman and CEO of multinational medical technology corporation, Medtronic. He is now a Harvard Business School professor and regular contributor to business publications such as CNBC.


CNBC: The Business Economy Drives our Economy

CNBC: CEOs Do Not Fear This President: Bill George

4. Virgin Entrepreneur

Domain Authority: 82

The Virgin Group is an English conglomerate founded by the well-known businessman and philanthropist, Richard Branson. So if you admire Branson’s business acumen and leadership, you may find the content of his company’s blog to your liking.

The Entrepreneur section of Virgin’s business blog provides commentary, insights, and analysis on business news and related topics.


Why I Blew a Year’s Advertising Budget on a Party

Going From Freelancers to Business Leaders

How to Start a Movement: Tips From The Fairtrade Food Pioneer

5. Michael Czinkota

Domain Authority: 29

Professor Michael Czinkota of Georgetown University is no stranger to international business and economics. He previously served as deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Commerce—simply one among his other noteworthy positions in the field.

His blog features excellent commentary on the latest in international business news, marketing, and strategy. It also has pretty high engagement with some articles reaching hundreds to thousands of comments.


Why International Marketing? Five Core Benefits Explain Key Rationale

Pros and Cons of Foreign Direct Investment

Migration from less developed economies and its effect on corporate and individual international business performance

B. Business blogs with stellar founder interviews and founder insights


Domain authority: 55 is an online platform for startups looking to find customers, a community of peers, mentors, and learning opportunities.

Their blog has three sections. The first, Startup News, is a comprehensive and updated list of goings-on in the startup world. The second is Education, which hosts the site’s learning resource of in-depth lessons and videos. Third is the Questions section, which functions as a business-related Q&A forum.

The site also features some authoritative figures in their articles and learning videos.


Interview with Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

Data-Driven Decisions by Mike Greenfield, First Data Scientist at PayPal and LinkedIn

7. Signal V. Noise

Domain authority: 78

Reading Signal V. Noise is like taking a peek at the activities, opinions, and processes of the team behind the successful project management and team communication software company, Basecamp. Each article is a well thought out piece on each team member’s viewpoints and ideas about software and web design, managing the startup life, and technology and design in general.

You can pick up some great insight from articles about how the team would plan out their workflows, work on their tasks, or decide their strategies.

For example, one post talks about their teamwork (Another round of lessons learned from our new team-based way of working) while another discusses a process change that helped three team members launch a major new feature across five platforms in just six weeks (Hybrid development is how we give our teams of three superpowers).

8. Mixergy

Domain Authority: 64

As far as interviews with star tycoons go, Andrew Warner’s Mixergy can be one of your top go-to blogs. The former co-founder and CEO of the one-time million-dollar web property, Bradford & Reed, professes that his blog only interviews “proven” entrepreneurs.

Currently, his blog boasts dialogues with the likes of Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia’s Founder On How The Site Was Built & Promoted), Y Combinator’s Paul Graham (How Y Combinator Helped 172 Startups Take Off), Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran (Real Estate Shark), and Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia.

With that star-studded lineup, you can certainly expect not to get disappointed with this blog’s content.

9. Indie Hackers

Domain Authority: 38

Indie Hackers, according to its creator Courtland Allen, is meant to be a place where founders of profitable businesses and side hustles can “share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples.”

This blog, added Allen, is also meant to be a community where like-minded ‘indie hackers’ can gather together to support each other, share their experiences, and exchange feedback.

If you count yourself among either one of those who fit the descriptions, then add this blog to your reading list. It contains quality interviews with startup founders from various business niches.

10. Both Sides of the Table

Domain Authority: 70

This blog contains a wealth of perspectives on the startup and venture capital world, penned by Mark Suster, who refers to himself as “a 2x entrepreneur turned VC”.

Suster is an angel investor affiliated with venture capital firms Upfront and Techstars. In his blog, he writes about his own experiences in entrepreneurship, startups, and even his personal life and business lessons.

C. Business blogs for startups and other newbie entrepreneurs

11. The Small Business Professor

Domain Authority: 30

If you want to learn everything about small business—from starting up, to management, to the technology involved, head over to Bruce Freeman’s blog, Small Business Professor.

Freeman is a successful entrepreneur who founded the marketing and PR firm, Proline Communications. He is also a small business columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, a book author, and entrepreneurship professor at the Seton Hall and Kean universities.

Additionally, he also hosts a regular radio program about small business.

12. Business Law Prof Blog

Domain Authority: 30

If you want to keep your business on the right side of the law but can’t afford to hire your team of lawyers yet, head over to this blog. It won’t be an alternative, of course, but it’s a great place to start educating yourself on laws and how it can affect your business.

The blog is managed by a group of eight law professors who regularly publish legal analysis on business topics that range from crowdfunding and social media to SEC regulations.

13. Venture Hacks

Domain Authority: 59

Venture Hacks is a blog dedicated to supporting startups and angel list companies. You can read about a broad range of topics related to startups, fundraising, venture funding, and management.

The blog is managed by venture investors Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, who also founded the online startup investors and jobseekers platform, AngelList.

14. Steve Blank

Domain Authority: 74

This blog by successful entrepreneur turned Ivy League professor Steve Blank discusses startup founder and investor strategies.

He also writes about his personal experiences and lessons learned, as well as some commentary about current events.

Be ready for some extensive reading because he has been blogging since 2009.

15.  The Octane Blog

Domain Authority: 72

The Octane blog is the official blog of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

The EO is a global network of over 12k influential entrepreneurs with 160 chapters in 50 countries.

The blog is a web portal of information and articles with the goal of helping its community to learn, grow, and lead successful businesses.

D. Business blogs about behind the scenes, funding, tools, hiring, and other management practices

16. Workplace Prof Blog

Domain Authority: 92

For anything and everything related to labor laws, head to this blog. It is managed and written by a group of business law professors. So you can be sure to learn the legal matters and their impact on your business from recognized experts.

17. The Entrepreneurial Mind

Domain Authority: 40

The Entrepreneurial Mind is the blog of Dr. Jeff Cornwall. Dr. Cornwall has broad expertise in entrepreneurship as the inaugural Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship at Belmont University. But he is currently interested in entrepreneurial finance and entrepreneurial ethics.

In this blog, you will find not only his articles but also interviews with business owners who share the behind the scenes stories of why they started and how they manage their business.

18. The Business Ethics Blog

Domain authority: 47

This blog about business ethics (if the blog name isn’t already a dead giveaway). It features the owner’s commentary and analysis of news about corporate ethics.

If this seems a little intimidating, know that the blog is written in broader terms to benefit entrepreneurs who are not as well-versed in legalese.

The blog owner, Chris MacDonald, Ph.D., is a business ethics educator, speaker, and consultant, as well as Interim Director of the Ted Rogers MBA at Ryerson. He is also a Senior Fellow at Duke University’s Kenan Institute for Ethics.

19. TaxProf Blog

Domain authority: 92

The TaxProf Blog is for business owners looking for expert advice about taxes, tax laws, assets, and financial management.

The blog has a team of well-versed contributors and is managed by Paul Caron, who is a Duane and Kelly Roberts Dean and Professor of Law at Pepperdine University School of Law.

The blog’s articles break down legalese for business owners to get more perspective on the impact of certain laws (see: The Evilness Of Section 6511) and even natural disasters (see: The Tax Consequences Of Hurricane Harvey (And Other Natural Disaster) to their business and finances. There are also commentary and analysis by Caron on current events (see: Macroeconomic And Distributional Effects Of U.S. Personal Income Tax Reforms).

20. Entrepreneurs On Fire

Domain Authority: 60

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a blog by entrepreneur and podcaster John Lee Dumas, where he interviews a featured entrepreneur for each day of the week. Each interview shares the story of an entrepreneur’s challenges, motivations, and lessons learned and are meant to help the website’s community, which Dumas calls the Fire Nation.

Dumas’s podcast, which holds over 1.7k interviews with well-known entrepreneurs such as Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Barbara Corcoran, was awarded Best of iTunes.


Tony Robbins helps us master the MONEY game with value bombs galore!

Barbara Corcoran shows why she is a shark in sheep’s clothing

E. Top business journals and resources

For this section, we will focus on sites of peer-reviewed journals that you can use as a resource for finding statistics, case studies, papers, analytical pieces, and even expert thought pieces. These are written by the world’s best: professionals, professors, and researchers affiliated with world-class universities and companies.

If you want to go the academic route, no other blogs can beat the resources below. Just look at those high DAs and traffic.

21. Harvard Business Review

Domain Authority: 93

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a 23-year old institution and non-profit subsidiary of Harvard University. It is home to thousands of regularly updated case studies, statistics, articles, and journals from experts affiliated with one of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

Harvard Business Review

The good thing about HBR is they also have articles that not only tackle hard facts, but also give advice on other topics related to business, management, and careers, such as an article about motivation (What to Do When Your Heart Isn’t in Your Work Anymore) written by an Organizational Behavior professor and author. You’ll see more examples of articles written by relevant experts as you go on their blog.

HBR is a paid resource, however, and a non-member only gets three free articles while a registered but non-paying subscriber gets six a month.

22. MIT Sloan LearningEdge

Domain Authority: 95

LearningEdge is a free online resource established in 2009 mainly for educational purposes. It is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) business school, Sloan School of Management, and is home to open access case studies.

These case studies, to quote, “highlight the decision-making process in a business or management setting.” While others are more “descriptive or demonstrative in nature, showcasing something that has happened or is happening in a particular business or management environment.”

23. OMICS International Business and Economics Journal

Domain Authority: 78

OMICS International publishes open access journals and houses over 700 peer-reviewed, open access journals. With an editorial team of business, finance and economics academics from prestigious universities around the world, this publication is one to watch.

Since one of two primary goals for the site’s launch was to “disseminate the free articles in Economics and Business Studies for research”, the site acknowledges readers to link, share, cite, and quote the published journals freely and frequently. The content is also “readily accessible to readers immediately after publication in several formats (HTML, PDF, and XML) for abstracts and full texts.

24. The London Business School Review

Domain Authority: 75

If you’re looking to quote respected experts in the business world, this is also a good place to head to.

The London Business School Review is the flagship publication of The London Business School—widely considered to be the best business school in Europe and among the top ten MBA providers globally.

The site contains videos, articles, and editorial pieces about business, management, and finance from some of the foremost thought leaders from London Business School.


The quad effect: where to spot strategy traps

Are commodities worth investing in?

25. Stanford Graduate Business School

Domain Authority: 95

The Stanford Graduate Business School repository has a rich collection of business case studies that you can cite in your articles or research. This strong pool of case studies was created by the school’s faculty.

However, you can only view as much as the abstract because the full case study is accessible only to Stanford students and alumni. But if you need just the quick facts and don’t depend on the detailed breakdowns and analysis as much, you can cite straight from the abstracts. They do have the option to contact their Case Writing Office if you want to make a query.


The Pfizer-Allergan Tax Inversion

Repsol and YPF (C): Recovering Value

F. Blogs by entrepreneurs whose minds you’d like to take a peek into

There are some entrepreneurs who, by the weight of their achievements, have turned themselves into a brand that many other wantrepreneurs aspire to. Here are links to some of their blogs.

26. Bill Gates

Blog name: GatesNotes

Domain authority: 79

The blog of the iconic Microsoft co-founder and consistent richest man on Forbes’ billionaires’ list. He writes about his experiences and thoughts on global issues, technology, business management, his recommended reading lists, and advocacies.

27. Guy Kawasaki

Blog name: GuyKawasaki

Domain authority: 80

Also another iconic businessman, perhaps most well-known for authoring the New York Times best-selling Rich Dad Poor Dad series. In his blog, Guy Kawasaki writes about his personal business experiences, lessons learned, advice, and also the products, services, reads, and other things that he recommends.

28. Tim Ferriss

Blog name: FourHourWorkWeek

Domain authority: 82

Tim Ferriss authored four New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller books, two of which are The 4-Hour Work Week and his most recent release, Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers.

Tim Ferriss hosts the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which was named Best of iTunes. In his blog, he writes mostly about prominent entrepreneurs and self-improvement as it relates to business.

29. Gary Vaynerchuk

Blog name: GaryVaynerchuk

Domain authority: 75

Gary Vaynerchuk—or Gary Vee, as he is now more popularly known, is a serial entrepreneur, author, and founder of digital agency VaynerMedia. He writes mostly about motivation and self-improvement tips for entrepreneurs.


Being Selfless by Being Selfish

30. Richard Branson

Blog name:

Domain authority: 81

If you’re an entrepreneur/aspiring entrepreneur and you don’t know who Richard Branson is, you need to get outside the rock you’re living in. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Media (which we’ve already talked about earlier). In his blog, he writes about his advocacies and other personal advice based on his experiences.


The Night Before Hurricane Irma Arrives

Update After Hurricane Irma in the BVI

31. Chris Ducker

Blog name: ChrisDucker

Domain authority: 60

Chris Ducker writes about and offers services related to personal brand building, such as hands-on training and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. He has written a 4-time, top bestselling book on, Virtual Freedom, and oversees his group of companies with over 400 employees.


How to Prepare for a Speaking Gig

How to Pivot into a Personal Brand

32. Chris Brogan

Blog name: ChrisBrogan

Domain authority: 80

Chris Brogan is a speaker, social media marketing coach, and author. His book, Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust, made it to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling list. He is also a contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, and he writes about social media marketing, business advice, and interviews with other entrepreneurs.

33. Neil Patel

Blog name: NeilPatel

Domain authority: 78

Neil Patel is one of the most ubiquitous names in the SEO, online and digital marketing industry. He is co-founder of the website heatmap software Crazy Egg, business and marketing blog Quicksprout, and currently has his own blog,, where he writes about SEO, content and online marketing. Neil also regularly writes about startups and marketing for top online business magazines Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. He has worked with the likes of Microsoft, IBM, and Thomson Reuters, and he counts Ben Huh, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki, among his peers.

34. Seth Godin

Blog name: SethGodin

Domain authority: 90

Seth Godin is the founder of online direct marketing company Yoyodyne, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998; an event that also led to the hiring of Seth as Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing. Seth Godin eventually became one of the first iconic influencers in the digital marketing space.

He has since authored 18 bestsellers about marketing (All Marketers are Liars, The Dip, etc.) and has also been inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013. His blog contains his short, personal insights about entrepreneurship, management, and marketing.

35. Avinash Kaushik

Blog name:

Domain authority: 73

Avinash Kaushik is considered one of the leading experts in web analytics. The entrepreneur, author, and public speaker started out as Director of Research & Analytics at Intuit, Web Analytics. He has since written two smash hits: Web Analytics, An Hour a Day, and Web Analytics 2.0. He co-founded the online marketing education company Marketing Motive and is currently a Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.

His blog, Occam’s Razor, is a treasure trove of insightful and analytical articles about using web analytics to measure and improve business performance.

36. Bamidele Onibalusi

Blog name: WritersInCharge

Domain authority: 45

Once upon a time, Nigerian national Bamidele wanted to earn money writing, but all he got were cheap pay and discrimination for being a non-native English speaker. Now, he is a successful blogger, freelance writer, and owner of Writers in Charge—one of the most useful and comprehensive resources for freelance writers. He has also been featured in top business and marketing magazines such as Forbes, Digital Journal, and Millionaire Magazine.

37. Pat Flynn

Blog name: SmartPassiveIncome

Domain authority: 75

Pat Flynn was an architect and had a job that he loved—for a time. But the economic downturn changed his life, uprooted him from his comfortable job, and forced him to look at other avenues to pay the bills. Serendipitously, one of Pat’s old websites—a blog about architecture that he wrote to help others reviewing for architecture exams, became his lifeline—earning money for him at a time when he needed it most. Realizing the power of this channel, Pat started his journey into starting an online business in the pursuit of passive income.

Serendipitously, one of Pat’s old websites—a blog about architecture that he wrote to help others reviewing for architecture exams, became his lifeline—earning money for him at a time when he needed it most. Realizing the power of this method, Pat started his journey into starting an online business in the pursuit of passive income.

Now, he is a successful blogger, writer, and owner of Smart Passive Income, an online resource where Pat writes about his proven strategies for optimizing and running a successful online business to earn passive income.

38. Brian Dean

Blog name: Backlinko

Domain authority: 78

Brian Dean has an interesting story. He went from nutritionist Ph.D. candidate and dietitian to a successful online entrepreneur and SEO guru. Today, he has a thriving online business on his website, Backlinko, and writes about his SEO and link building techniques. He talks about how to optimize his blog enough to show up top in search engines, boost traffic, and earn more passive income from

Today, he has a thriving online business on his website, Backlinko, and writes about his SEO and link building techniques. He talks about how to optimize his blog enough to show up top in search engines, boost traffic, and earn more passive income from his site through the products and courses that he sells.

39. James Clear

Blog name: JamesClear

Domain authority: 69

Not everything about business is about analytics, ROI, marketing, and SEO. A lot in business also depends on you—the person on the driver’s seat—the one who holds the wheel and does the steering. Do you have the right frame of mind? Are your thoughts healthy and constructive? Are your habits productive?

Enter James Clear. His work has been covered by top media outlets such as CBS, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and TIME.

With his clear, engaging writing, James weaves stories about successful entrepreneurs and influencers alongside lessons and advice about self-improvement, habit formation, and personal health—from physical to psychological. All this is designed to help you, the person managing the business, make better, well-minded decisions.

Enter James Clear. His work has been covered by top media outlets such as CBS, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and TIME.

With his clear, engaging writing, James weaves stories about successful entrepreneurs and influencers alongside lessons and advice about self-improvement, habit formation, and personal health—from physical to psychological. All this is designed to help you, the person managing the business, make better, well-minded decisions.

40. Jason Cohen

Blog name: ASmartBear

Domain authority: 55

Before being the Chief Technology Officer of WordPress Hosting company, WP Engine, Jason co-founded and sold the successful software company, SmartBear. His blog, A Smart Bear is the place to go if you want to read smart, insightful articles from a successful tech entrepreneur about business technology, how to manage startups, employees, personal health, decision-making—anything that has to do with an entrepreneur lifestyle.

G. Distinguished business and finance publications

A list of business blogs to read won’t be complete without the indispensable international publications that are best known for their business coverage. Now these are not exactly “blogs” but more professional publications, but any reading list about business won’t be complete without including these recommendations.

41. The Wall Street Journal

Domain authority: 98

What would be a more obvious recommendation than a top quality journal named after the most iconic street in Manhattan, America’s financial district, home to the country’s largest brokerages, inves, ment banks, and the New York Stock exchange? The journal is synonymous with business and financial services industry coverage. If you want to read the biggest stories in business and finance, written by the best correspondents in business and finance, then this is your top resource.

42. The Economist

Domain authority: 96

The Economist is an almost two hundred years old publication headquartered in London. Despite its magazine format, The Economist covers hard news that would benefit people in business. Its coverage is global: reporting about politics, business, finance, science, and technology, while their body of experts pen authoritative insights to make sense of how the interplay between these international issues affect the world’s economy as a whole.

43. Fast Company

Domain authority: 91

Fast Company is an online business magazine that packages itself as the more “progressive” one in this bunch. The publication focuses on more “modern” businesses—such as innovative startups in the digital, design, and tech space.

44. CNBC

Domain authority: 95

CNBC is mainly a telecommunications network. They have a dedicated business and financial news channel along with their own newswire. CNBC’s coverage is not much unlike the Wall Street Journal, but the network tries to set itself apart by taking a particular focus on financial earnings and stock market quotes.

45. Bloomberg

Domain authority: 98

Bloomberg is not an exclusive news journal, per se, but a software and information service in one. Bloomberg provides a financial analytics tool, equity trading platform, data services and news to its clients in the business and finance sector.

Wrapping up

And that’s it! Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section.

Hazel Mae Pan

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager & Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.