Influencer Marketing Series - How We Turned Hubspot's Outreach Into Two Links On Their Site

One thing I rarely write about is taking other people's outreach and turning it on its head - pitching to them.

For example, because we have an outreach software, when someone sends me an outreach email for content promotion or sales, I often pitch them on our software, or look for another opportunity to partner with them.

In this case, I took an outreach email from HubSpot and turned it into a guest post on their blog, which resulted in two links.

The first is my author profile on their website:

David Schneider's Bio on hubspot

The second is in the article itself:

NinjaOutreah's article on hubspot

HubSpot has a domain authority of 89, and is of course super relevant to what we do, so it's a huge win to be featured there.

Now, let's dive into how this happened.

Stage 1: The Pitch

HubSpot has its own contributor guidelines.

I've submitted to them before, and never heard back.

Undoubtedly they get dozens of inquiries a day, and simply can't respond to them all.

Frankly, I had moved on, until one day I got my own inbound pitch from HubSpot.

Introduction with hubspot

Rachel was doing a very standard approach to content marketing.

She had identified a relevant article on our blog about finding email addresses, in which she thought she could promote SideKick - Hubspot's product. She reached out, and in a very personable way requested that we add the link.

Given that I had already mentioned SideKick in the post, it was no problem at all to add the additional article that she was pitching.

But to take it a step further, I asked her for an introduction, letting her know that I was also looking to guest post on their blog, but just hadn't broken through.

She obliged, and introduced me to Ginny.

Stage 2: The Intro

Rachel shot me over an introduction to Ginny that same day.

An introduction is the surest way to get your email answered.

I pitched Ginny on the idea of me guest posting for HubSpot, citing two guest posts I had recently written on top publications that really showcased my best content.

Guest post on hubspot

Ginny was 100% on board with the idea, and asked me to fire over a few topics. I did, and she liked them all, so eventually I just went with the one I felt most comfortable with.

Outreach to ginny

I decided to write about Outreach Scripts Used By The Pros, because I knew this would give me an opportunity to feature other experts.

Stage 3: Published

Writing the post and getting it published was actually a cup of tea.

Hubspot publishes multiple blog posts a day, so they are looking for quality writers and they have a team of editors that can go through posts and schedule them quickly.

Within just a few weeks from Rachel's pitch - I had my post published.


Once it was published, I messaged the other influencers I had included in the post to score some brownie points:

Outreach pitch to Bryan

Mind you, I'm not asking them for anything at all - I'm simply letting them know that I included them in a flattering way on a very prominent marketing blog.

There aren't any ulterior motives with this, but if you've learned anything from this Influencer Marketing Series , it's that relationships are a process and you build them up over time with key milestones like this.

Relationships with influencers are a process and you build them up over time with key milestones

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Why This Worked

Admittedly, this didn't send us a ton of traffic, because although HubSpot's blog gets a ton of visits, there are so many posts that are published a day, you're not necessarily bound to get a ton of exposure.

However, it did result in several very quality links and some great credibility that we are able to leverage for future pitches.

This worked because we wrote a great piece of content that ranked highly for finding email addresses.

It caught the attention of HubSpot, and I took that opportunity to ask for an introduction.