Words to Write Better Headlines

100+ Power Words to Write Better Headlines

The importance of headlines can never be over emphasized because headlines are what your potential readers will first come in contact with and it will either pull them in or send them away. If your headline is well crafted, it will bring the potential reader to your blog and if not, they will just look the other way!


Your blog posts headlines need to be fascinating and attractive to anyone who comes across the post title, you should craft your headlines in such a way that will tempt people to click through to your blog due to curiosity to find out the content behind that headline.

I have experienced the wonders of magnetic headlines, both on my blog and on other top blogs out there. In fact, a post on this blog got popular due to its fascinating headline as well as its great content body.

In other to help you create enticing and tempting headlines, I have put together a list of 100+ words that you can start inserting into your post headlines for better Click Through rate (CTR); insert these words into strategic places in your post titles to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

These words are meant to help you catch a reader’s attention and help you improve your post-CTR, you should not see this as a trick for attracting people to CRAPPY CONTENTS, they may visit the first time, but mind you they will surely not visit you ever again.

So here are the Amazing Words:

  1. Great
  2. Awesome
  3. Super
  4. Cool
  5. Secret
  6. Sexy
  7. Rock-solid
  8. Best
  9. Top
  10. Better
  11. Quick
  12. Fast
  13. Real
  14. Ultimate
  15. Effective
  16. Efficient
  17. Excellent
  18. Amazing
  19. Shocking
  20. Warning
  21. Crazy
  22. Must have
  23. Essential
  24. Important
  25. Proven
  26. Explosive
  27. Extreme
  28. Unbelievable
  29. Unending
  30. Viral
  31. Spice
  32. Exciting
  33. Dangerous
  34. Current
  35. Weird
  36. Interesting
  37. Enticing
  38. Fascinating
  39. Funny
  40. Love
  41. Ever
  42. Unique
  43. Eye-catching
  44. Superb
  45. Guarantee
  46. Easier
  47. Strange
  48. Special
  49. Fresh
  50. Perfect
  51. Free
  52. Huge
  53. Impressive
  54. Killer
  55. Popular
  56. Powerful
  57. Pretty
  58. Worst
  59. Major
  60. Striking
  61. Clever
  62. Boost
  63. Exceptional
  64. Bullshit
  65. Fluffs
  66. Absolutely
  67. Mega
  68. Creative
  69. Brilliant
  70. Fantastic
  71. Latest
  72. Immense
  73. Significant
  74. Tremendous
  75. Truth
  76. Facts
  77. Distinct
  78. Key
  79. Strong
  80. Uncommon
  81. Stunning
  82. Complete
  83. Total
  84. Guide to
  85. Valuable
  86. Known
  87. Serious
  88. High-quality
  89. Achieve
  90. Avalanche
  91. Unending
  92. Continuous
  93. Master plan
  94. Unfailing
  95. Incredible
  96. Proven
  97. New
  98. Badass
  99. Kick-ass
  100. Actionable
  101. Intriguing
  102. Unknown
  103. Neglected
  104. Magnetic

I will love to add this; don’t ever forget the SEO aspect of writing a headline when you are writing one. I will suggest you write your SEO headline first with your keywords in it and then go through this list of fascinating to find a suitable word and then insert them where it best fits in your post titles.

Over to you

I believe there are a thousand words that have skipped my mind 😉 but I believe you can help me find such words. So why not share those exciting words you have in mind with us in the comment section.

I will be glad to grow this list to 4-figures if possible 😉 😀

This post is inspired by a post by Alex Mangini of Blogussion.

David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]