126 Must-Read SEO Traffic Generation Case Studies

I've been involved in online business for the better part of four years now, and if there is one thing that's remained true, it's that the best way to learn is through case studies. No matter what you're looking for, there are case studies out there, and more often than not they're the best resources because they provide actual results and a step by step process. We've hand selected 126 of the best traffic generation case studies on the internet that will show you how to increase traffic to your website and convert more leads. We've broken them out into 13 separate categories so you can pick and choose where you want to focus.

Content Marketing
Chapter 2

Link Building

For a long time link building has been the crux of SEO and it continues to play an important role in ranking in the search engines. A lot of people now consider content marketing and link building synonomous, but this is not true. There are many white hat methods for building quality links, and these case studies will show you how.

Content Marketing
Chapter 3


You might be wondering - what's the difference between SEO and link building? Link building is a type of SEO, but nowadays SEO encompasses a lot more than just building links to a site. It is about keyword research, website performance and user experience, and competitive analysis. These case studies explore the many different facets of SEO.

Content Marketing
Chapter 4

Social Media

It seems just about every business nowadays is "on" social media - but few really know what they are doing. With all the social media channels out there it's important to understand the nuances that make one a good fit and the other not. In this chapter I've purposely excluded the top two (Facebook and Twitter) to be discussed later.

Content Marketing
Chapter 6


Believe it or not, Twitter is actually our third highest traffic source on Ninja Outreach. However it operates very different from Facebook, and in general has a lot less features due to the restrictive nature of tweets. But with the introduction of images, and leadboxes that is now changing. Check out these case studies for more ideas on how to grow your Twitter following.

Content Marketing
Chapter 7

Conversion Rate Optimization

It's a common mistake to believe that the answer to all our problems is always more traffic. The other side of the coin is simply to take the current traffic you have, and convert it better. For example, on NinjaOutreach we were able to improve the conversions of our pricing page by over 40% with a relatively simple design change. More leads - same traffic. Learn from these awesome case studies how to turn traffic into leads.

Content Marketing
Chapter 8


eCommerce can be it's own beast sometimes. There are majoy players in the industry like Amazon, eBay and Etsy and this can make it difficult to start and grow your own eCommerce business. Additionally, it's difficult to content market. Thus, I wanted to include some successful examples of eCommerce case studies for anyone who dares to build this kind of business.

Content Marketing
Chapter 9


Outreach, naturally, is very near and dear to our hearts at NinjaOutreach. Many of the case studies above require some degree of outreach as part of the process. It's hard to get started from nothing and get noticed without outreach. While we've written about it a ton on our own blog, I thought including some unique case studies on this topic would round things out a bit.

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