Traction Podcast Album 3

The NinjaOutreach Traction Podcast Album 3

NinjaOutreach Traction Podcast of 2016

Episode 42 :Quest For Passive Income Opportunities

Elaine set out on her entrepreneurial journey with on goal in mind, to find a passive income opportunities for herself without having to be tied to an office. She is a lover of the outdoors and adventures, especially if these outdoor adventures can be integrated with her love of horses. It was this motivation that led to the creation of the Irish Horsemanship website back in 2004, and what turned Elaine into the serial entrepreneur that she is now.

Since setting up her first business, Elaine has gone on to add several other successful businesses to her name including Grey Horse Apps which boasts to coming 2nd place in the Best Ever App awards, and her most recent project, Chocolate Lab Apps which has enjoyed the number 1 spot in iOS apps in over 35 countries across several different categories.

It is safe to say that Elaine has exceeded her goal of simply creating a passive income for herself. Her natural entrepreneurial skills mean that she constantly on the lookout for new and exciting projects which match her thirst for adventure. Elaine has a passion for working with talented people from around the world in order to bring great products to the world and when she is not busy working on the next big project, indulging in her passion for horses or travelling, she is busy writing books.

Energetic, passionate and ambitious, Elaine is the epitome of what it means to be an entrepreneur. She can certainly serve as inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs out there.

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Elaine Heney


Episode 43 : What Works in Blogging – Kiesha Easley

Blogging has become an integral part of running an online business, but as with so many other aspects of running a business, the intricacies of blogging is not always straightforward. Kiesha Eastly has spent the last four years getting to grips with what works in blogging, and equally important, what doesn’t work. She dedicates much of her time to offering valuable advice regarding all things blogging and content related via her own popular blog called We Blog Better.

Keisha is a teacher by trade, and instructs students at the Benedict College in the art of Mass Communications. When she is not teaching, Keisha fills her time by consulting for small business owners with aspirations of developing their web presence and offering her services as a freelance writer and editor. Keisha boasts to having the ability to take any piece of beat-writing and turning into a shining masterpiece. She is also a published author with her first book – Be A Blessing – currently being offered on Amazon.

Blogging and good quality content is a big deal these days. Getting these things right can certainly help to elevate your business to greater success. Keisha has a wealth of knowledge in this area and can help us all avoid some of the pitfalls that can really harm businesses online.

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Kiesha Easley


Episode 44 : How To Benefit From Intelligent Web Systems – John Ayling

When it comes to software and commercial web systems there is very little that John does not know. He has over 12 years of experience in the industry, 100s of satisfied clients and a number of successful software applications under his belt. In addition to that, John has dabbled in things like futures trading, affiliate marketing and law/business consulting.

These days John spends most of his time creating and marketing his own products, which include IMS Commerce which is designed to help sellers seamlessly deliver digital goods via mobile commerce, and Awesome IM Tools which provides a low cost automated marketing solution. Both of which reflect Johns proficiency in software development, gained from being at the forefront of his industry since 1998.

John’s time in the commercial web systems industry has given him the ability to offer consultation to corporate companies that have large-scale highly trafficked websites, government entities, and start-ups. Now he creates software to help solve his own affiliate marketing requirements and usually finds it easy to market these same products because others usually have the same need.
From his vantage point in internet marketing, John will have a good insight into what types of software systems are essential to a business and the trends that we all need to look out for.

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John Ayling


Episode 45 : US To Philippines To Set Up Shop- Justine Cooke

Justine Cooke believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to build personal and financial freedom in their lives. In fact over the last few years he and his business partner have been busy passing on their knowledge to anyone who will listen via their super popular business podcast called Empire Flippers, the associated blog and a number of eBooks.

It all started when Justine and his now business partner, Joe Magnotti, decided to fire themselves from their salaried, mid-level managerial jobs in the US and set up a corporation of their own. The two of them packed their bags and set off halfway around the world to the Philippines to begin the adventure that would change not only their lives, but the lives of many other people.

Their first online brand, Adsense Flippers was hugely popular and thousands of people looking for ways to earn money online now have Justin and his partner to thank for their success. Not only did Justin and Joe build a hugely profitable business around niche AdSense website for themselves, they also relished the opportunity to show a ton of other people how to follow in their footsteps.

Justin has a special talent for spotting opportunities and running with them, but what’s more is he is not the type of guy to keep all the knowledge to himself.

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Justine Cooke


Episode 46 : Top Notch Clients Queuing to Jump In -Mike Rynchek

Mike is a passionate and hardworking entrepreneur with over five years’ experience in the world of online marketing. He has undertaken important consultancy roles for various corporations over the years, but with Mike possessing such in-demand skills as web design, search engine optimization, and email marketing, it was almost inevitable that he would go on to set up in business for himself.

In 2008 Mark did just that and founded Spyder Trap, a Minneapolis based online marketing agency that helps to develop customized marketing strategies for businesses. Since muscling its way into the competitive marketing industry, Spyder Trap, led by the talented Mike Rynchek has enjoyed growth each year of more than 200%. In addition to that, the company can boast to having received a number of prestigious awards including The Adrian Award for Digital Marketing.

As well as being an industry pioneer and recognized market leader, Mark is a passionate philanthropist who actively participates in volunteer activities aimed at developing the health of his community. He currently dedicates much of free time and expertise to The Minnesota Children’s Star Gala and MN ADA Community Leadership Board. With Marks passion online marketing and obvious dedication to the welfare of others, it is no surprise that he is a man in demand.

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Mike Rynchek


Episode 47 : Startups Reach Profitability – Petar Svarc

Petar has an extensive background and a wealth of knowledge in Information Technology and services. His has passion for digital media and technological devices, as well as the company that he has spent his entire working life with, Melon Inc.

Petar started working at Melon, which was then known as Adventure Studies, immediately after his graduation from university in 2002, and he has not looked back since. He has seen the company grow from a small team of just five technology enthusiasts to a major 150+ employee software corporation.

Petar himself has also evolved with the company, taking on various important roles throughout the years such as developer, project manager and marketing manager. His involvement in numerous web and mobile projects and the depth of experience in other areas of technology that he has gained through his time with Melon means that Peter is now viewed as one of the central figures withinin the company.

He is now a partner in Melon as well as Head of Interactive Media Development. He also maintains the role of Marketing Manager for Melon Mobile, which is the mobile development department for Melon. Through his various roles at the company Peter ensures that startups get the right guidance with regards to technology systems, while helping them to keep costs to minimum.

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Petar Svarc


Episode 48 : Bootstrapping While Working Full Time – Ruben Gamez

Ruben Gamez’ list of specialties includes marketing, coding, and UX, but in the last couple of years that list has extended to also include bootstrapping. While holding down a full time job at a billion dollar payroll company and having only limited funds, Ruben was able to launch Bidsketch, a company aimed at making the proposals process much smoother for businesses.

Bidsketch is a “web based proposal app” aimed at freelancers and consultants, and is a result of some of the things that Ruben learnt while working for the big money corporation. During his time at the company he learnt a great deal about the psychology behind closing big deals and was able to spot certain pain points that needed addressing in order to make the process a whole lot more hassle free.

Ruben certainly has a good eye for spotting potential because just a few short years after setting out on a mission to ease the pains in the proposal process, his business has attracted and helped over 1000 clients to win millions of dollars in new business deals. In building what is now a successfully profitable business, Ruben learnt the valuable skill of bootstrapping his way to success, a skill that many budding entrepreneurs would do well to learn themselves.

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Ruben Gamez

Ruben Gamez’ list of specialties includes marketing, coding, and UX, but in the last couple of years that list has extended to also include bootstrapping. While holding down a full time job at a billion dollar payroll company and having only limited funds, Ruben was able to launch Bidsketch, a company aimed at making the proposals process much smoother for businesses.

Bidsketch is a “web based proposal app” aimed at freelancers and consultants, and is a result of some of the things that Ruben learnt while working for the big money corporation. During his time at the company he learnt a great deal about the psychology behind closing big deals and was able to spot certain pain points that needed addressing in order to make the process a whole lot more hassle free.

Ruben certainly has a good eye for spotting potential because just a few short years after setting out on a mission to ease the pains in the proposal process, his business has attracted and helped over 1000 clients to win millions of dollars in new business deals. In building what is now a successfully profitable business, Ruben learnt the valuable skill of bootstrapping his way to success, a skill that many budding entrepreneurs would do well to learn themselves.

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Ruben Gamez


Episode 49 : Suraj’s Best Decision Leaving High Paying Job

There are very few people who would view walking out of a high paying job at one of London’s top law firms as a good decision. But that is just what Suraj Sodha did and it turned out to be the best decision of his life.

After 4 years of studying law at university, Suraj ended up in London as a trainee lawyer, which is the natural course of progression to becoming a fully qualified lawyer. Living in London on trainee lawyer wages is not an easy thing to do however, and so Suraj decided to create a second income for himself.

This is why he started his first real internet business. What was originally intended only as a part time venture to see Suraj through until he became promoted to a fully-fledged lawyer, quickly became a full time money maker. He then had to make the decision between continuing on his law career path or jumping ship and embracing this fast growing internet business that he had created.

Of course the law lost out, even though admittedly that was a very worrying decision for Suraj to take. He has not looked back since however, and today he is the proud owner of a global internet market training and consultancy firm as well as several other successful businesses.

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Suraj Sodha


Episode 50 : Scott’s Passion : Technology

Scott is an experienced start-up entrepreneur with many successful projects already under his belt. He has a particular passion for collaborating and uses technology to its fullest in order to enhance global collaboration with lots of other smart and passionate people all over the world. Scott also blogs, speaks at important events and invests in bright new start-ups when he spots potential.

Like most entrepreneurs, Scott is always involved in a few projects at a time. His current projects include, StartupPlays and MercuryGroove, but in addition to that he also finds time to regularly provide blog content and speak about entrepreneurship, innovation at work and of course web start-ups. He also provides consultation to a number of senior executives at major international companies.

Scott believes that entrepreneurship consist of a delicate mixture of hustle, tenacity, and delusion. These are ingredients that contributed to him being recognised as one of the “Top 20 Under 40” back in 2010, when he won a regional “Bootstrap Award”. He has also been featured on many popular blogs and publications including TechCrunch, This Week In Startups and Venture Beat.

Scott is one of the elite breed of entrepreneurs with an undying energy and love for start-ups. He is an inspiration to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and everyone will go away from listening to him feeling a little smarter and full passion.

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Scott Annan


Episode 51 : The Issue Of Too Many Business Interests – Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws suffers from a condition that so many other entrepreneurs seem to suffer from, an inability to concentrate on one business idea for too long. Rather than fight this natural urge however, Spencer decided to embrace it, and so was born the Niche Pursuits blog. Under the Niche Pursuits umbrella he gets to pursue any and all business ideas that come to mind, while documenting his successes, or lack of it, whatever the case may be, for his ever growing following.

Spencer quit his regular day job back in 2011 and in that short space of time he has managed to amass an impressive list of accomplishments. Not only has he grown a business out of pursuing his various interests, and which now brings in a six-figure income, he also shows others exactly how they can do the same. His development of one of the top keyword research software tools on the market today, called Long Tail Pro, has also been an invaluable tool for thousands of internet marketers.

Spencer’s story of his amazing rise to success sounds like the type thing that so many budding internet marketers dream of. Spencer himself admits that he is far from an overnight success however, as he faced many challenges and setbacks along the way. His journey will serve as an inspiration to many people.

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Spencer Haws



Episode 52 : Way To Reach The Money Spot Quickly – Terry Kyle

Terry Kyle is an SEO expert, writer and experienced entrepreneur. He has also worked with some of the world’s biggest companies as either a copywriter or creative director. Companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM and McDonald’s have all benefited from this man’s expertise in one way or the other he certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to marketing a business.

Terry has come a long way since studying in Australia and creating a low budget science fiction television series back in the 90s. These days he is practically considered an SEO god after gaining notoriety with his 60-day SEO Experiment conducted on the Warrior Forum. He now operates his own popular forum – Traffic Planet – which is a great resource for learning about SEO, conversions and online monetization techniques.

He has also created several other great resources to help webmasters get their sites into the money spots on the search engine pages. Terry’s list of products includes his excellent training products Backlinks Hydra, Domain Buying Black Belt and the SEO Masters Academy. His passion for teaching has also led him to write the popular – Small Business Ideas: 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas From Around The World – book.

Terry is an energetic entrepreneur with a long list of projects under his belt. His conversion agency currently helps dozens of businesses to optimize conversions and rank highly in the search engines for competitive keywords.

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Terry Kyle




Episode 53 : Free Yourself From Financial Tyranny – Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder is a Money Coach and Financial educator whose mission in life is to help as many people as he can lead more productive and happier lives by becoming free from the financial tyranny that can easily befall them. He has a B.A. in Economics and is a member of the Economics Honors Society, but Todd is no stranger to entrepreneurship having fallen in love with building businesses during his childhood.

His early start to entrepreneurship means that Todd now has a large number of businesses under his belt, but he has also worked in several high profile positions for a number of financial companies. His amazing success meant that he could retire from a position as Hedge Fund Investment Manager, taking care of a portfolio of more than 20 million dollars, at the age of 35 to pursue his own goals.

Todd certainly knows a thing or two about investing and he himself became financially independent at the age of 35 through investing rather than marketing. Through his coaching, blog, and eBooks, Todd hopes to achieve his goal of helping millions of people achieve the same level of financial freedom that he now enjoys.

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Todd Tresidder


Episode 54 : How To Turn Ideas Into Actionable Plans – Andreea Ayers

I was doing some research on the best ways to promote a blog post after you press publish and I came across a really powerful and informative infographic by Andreea Ayers who is the founder of LaunchGrowJoy.

What impressed me the most is that I didn’t just find this infographic initially on the LaunchGrowJoy website I found it being shared on a ton of authority sites like WordTracker, Technocrati, and a whole lot more.

That lead me to want to find out more about the creator of this infographic and I’m so glad I did. In fact, I think all of you are going to be glad I did as well because I ended up uncovering a top notch entrepreneur for today’s interview.

Andreea Ayers discovered her entrepreneurial spirit in her teens when she sold knitted hats to her friends in college but somewhere between high school and college she convinced herself that life would be safer and more predictable if she went to work for corporate America.

The education and experience she gained from working for corporate America proved to be invaluable and gave her the foundation she needed for a few years later when she decided to go out and build a business on her own re lighting that fire she had in here teens

In this interview, you’re going to hear about how

  • The idea to start a T – Shirt business came to Andreea while she was pregnant and doing yoga.
  • How Andreea took this idea and what she did different that allowed her to sell over 20,000 t-shirts through over 300 stores in only 18 months
  • How she taught herself P.R to get her t-shirts to appear in over 200 magazines, newspapers and TV shows, including ABC, NBC.
  • How she also got her t-shirt brand on the backs of world superstars like Denise Richards, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and Sarah Michelle just to name a few.
  • She also talks to us about her mistakes to help you avoid them
  • She then broke down how she turned all that knowledge of running a t-shirt business into an information product that sold like crazy.
  • If that wasn’t enough Andreea went on to give us actionable tips that product based businesses can take away and use right away to improve the results in their business.
  • But she was on a roll and started spilling insights on how you can use Pinterest to send tens of thousands of targeted visitors to your business.
  • And she revealed her process for promoting a blog post after you hit the publish button that gets you a ton of visitors, likes, shares and comments

So make sure you listen to every word Andreea has to say because she basically give away the farm.

I would publicly like to say thank you so much Andreea for so openly sharing so much of your knowledge when it comes to running a successful business I learnt so much.

And if YOU thought the interview was as good as I did make sure you thank Andreea and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 55 : How to Collaborate with Influencial Leaders – Mary Jaksch

I consume a lot of content related to my business interests online and a name that keep coming up in my consumption was Mary Jaksch the Chief Editor of Write to Done plus the owner of GoodLifeZEN.

What caught my attention about Mary was her genuine zest for life and how that manifested through her writing in such a way that it helped to invoke positive change in me.

Mary has some great accomplishments such as

  • Becoming a 4th Dan Black Belt in Karate
  • Becoming an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage)
  • Also had a book called Learn to Love translated into 7 languages

And that’s just to name a few…

As I learnt more about Mary it quickly became apparent that she was a tremendous force for good in the business world which was a breath of fresh air but what I liked about her more than her business knowledge was her insight on mastering the inner game success.

She had faced some really challenging times the sort of things that would make some people give up and say it is impossible, and you will learn about what she did to overcome those times in this interview.

I knew I had to get her on the show so you to can learn how to get better results in your business and also in your personal life.

In this interview you will learn

  • How with the right attitude you can turn what may at the time seem like the worst situation in a positive outcome.
  • A step by step insight on how to use cutting edge study, problem solving and research methods to get you proficient and effective in any topic even if you don’t have one drop of experience.
  • Mary also reveals one great tip that anyone can use even if they don’t have a clue to come up with a money making idea.
  • Then how to partner with influential leaders in your industry in a way that makes them happy to collaborate with you and help you build your business by sending you new customers for your idea. ( If you only take one thing away from this interview take this gem of a tip, applying this can turn your business around in a very short about of time).
  • Mary has a unique take on the process of how to come up with content ideas for your blog posts or for writing anything that will have you writing the type of content that will get your visitors begging you for more.

Now the above points about what you will learn in this interview is just scratching the surface.

Mary continues to spill the beans on a number of topics which I frankly I believe if you just action a few of them you will see a massive improvement in your business and personal life

If after listening you come to the same conclusion and just find yourself with a overwhelming need to say thanks to Mary for adding so much value do so while sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 56 : How To Build Credibility With Leading – Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor founder of and the creator of the World’s first scientifically valid ‘comfort zone calculator’, which he has spoken about at TEDx.

Started his journey as a entrepreneur with the need to get people to buy tickets to come and see the band he was part of at the young age of 14.

He then when on a few years later to run a record label and that’s where he uncovered his love for marketing.

Something told him to really master the art of marketing he needed to work as an apprentice of sort for a big digital marketing agency, through persistence he ended up working for a top expert in the SEO industry Kevin Gibbons.

Who took him under his wing and really showed him how to get out of his comfort zone and really get amazing results by living outside the box.

After doing that for a few years he decided to take a little time out to really work out his direction moving forward

In this time out was born.

In this interview you will learn
  • How to build credibility with leading expert on your knowhow of using emerging technology to get results using data and experiment driven case studies
  • His insights on what has had the biggest impact on his results so far
  • Also his views on some of the biggest things he feels are holding people back from moving forward and getting results
  • His advice on what are the most important things to focus on if you’re starting strach
  • He also gives his take on building relationships and the importance of controlling who you spend you time with.
  • Plus reveals one of the best tips I’ve heard on how to minimize the amount of mistakes you make in your business
  • As a young entrepreneur Marcus is a great example of what can occur and how far you can get by just applying yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.

Did you enjoy today’s show? If so say thanks and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 57 : How To Be ‘Social’ In Social Media – Ian Cleary

It seems like everywhere you look, someone is talking about social media and how important it is to your business.

When I started my quest to find out more about how I can use social media in ways that would have a positive effect on my business, there was no shortage of info.

I got lost for hours learning about Facebook’s paid advertising model to what things you can do to build a huge following for free by effectively using social networks like Google plus, Twitter and Linkedin.

Now if you’re anything like me, you love leveraging software tools to get the best out of these platforms that can help you grow your business.

Enter Ian Cleary, the founder of RazorSocial

Ian’s name keep coming up and it became quickly apparent that Ian is, and continues to be, a top authority when it comes to anything related to social media tools and I just had to have him on the show.

To give you and me the inside scoop on everything social (plus in the interview I did with him, he also gave us some additional insight into other business building topics that had nothing to do with social media but would definitely help you grow your business).

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why the majority of people trying to use social media are doing it so wrong they’re actually harming their business.
  • Some cool tips on how to actually be social with social media and quickly establish your brand as an authority.
  • Some of Ian’s favorite social media tools and exactly how he’s using them to grow and run his business more effectively.
  • What cool tools he’s using to customize the images he uses and to add value to his blog post (these tools make it easy for people to increase the value of their blog post with no skills in graphic design ).
  • Plus his unique insight into how social is translating over to mobile

This is an information packed interview with tons of actionable ideas.

If you have enjoyed what you got out of this post say thanks and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author Bio

Mark’s got a big heart and even bigger dreams – he’s the main motivator behind NinjaOutreach and keeps the team together. Follow him on twitter @NinjaSamms

Episode 58 : How To Build And Make Money From A Blog – Dave Schneider

(This one’s a special post, this how I met Dave Schneider, the co-founder of NinjaOutreach.)

Dave Schneider is the founder of SelfMadeBusinessman but before that he successfully master how to make money from a blog. He built several blogs, monetized them, and made enough money to travel the world with his girlfriend Vicky (also a food blogger at AvocadoPesto).

Dave started his journey on the normal path most people are encouraged to take:

  1. Study hard
  2. Get a degree
  3. Get into a big corporation
  4. Work your way up

Something about that route didn’t ring true to Dave and he started to feel unfulfilled and unhappy with where his life was going so he had to make a choice…

Should he continue on a path that was fairly safe and predictable?

Or embark on a journey that was a lot more risky but excited the hell out of him?

Take a listen to the interview I did with him and you will find out exactly what he did.

In this interview you will also discover:

  • How Dave built a blog about his travels with his girlfriend all over the world that went on to generate them 10k+ a month
  • You will also discover how he takes a blog thats under a year old and get insane interaction in the form of  shares and comments
  • How he comes up with content ideas that have his audience craving for more
  • His top tips for promoting a blog post after he has pressed the the publish button
  • Plus how he builds amazing relationships with influential peers in his industry and that’s just the tip of the iceberg he continues to drop amazing actionable tips throughout the interview

This is one not to miss let me know what you learnt and thought of this interview in the comments below.

Episode 59 : Make Readers Crave for Content – Bryan Hutchinson

Bryan Hutchinson has a true passion for writing to the point where I think it might be an obsession (in a good way) as I talked to him through today’s interview, it became really clear that the craft of being able to weave words into stories and evoke emotions in his readers wasn’t just a hobby but more like his life’s work.

And you know that’s the sort of energy we look for here at the NinjaOutreach Podcast

In todays interview you will learn

  • How to summon your inner writing voice
  • How pretty much anyone with a passion for their topic can become an amazing writer
  • He also drills down into a process that allows you to create sticky and captivating content that will have your readers craving for more.
  • Plus Bryan shows us his unique methods to using online communities in the right way to get a ton of exposure and build a loyal fan base who are always happy to put the word out about your content.
  • How to keep your mind right in the beginning stages when it seems like your not going anywhere and what to focus on to speed up your ability to get results.
  • He also gives some off-the-wall ways to build new (and maintain) strong relationships with key people in your industry.

Being that what you write and how you write it is such an important factor in today’s online world this interview will give you the insights to hit the ground running and really make an impact while sharing your message.

If this interview has added value to your day say thanks by sharing your thoughts in the comments below

Episode 60 : How to Produce an Outstanding Content – Brian Dean

So I’m online doing some research on tips to help me improve the traffic to my blog, as you do.

I’m searching terms like “how to promote a blog post” and I keep coming up with a topic called blogger outreach (more on that later).

Anyway, the funny thing was that this guy named Brian Dean, the founder of BackLinko, keep coming up in my research through guest blog posts he had done on a number of the topics I had done google searches on.

As I dug deeper I realized that this guy Brian is a world renowned Expert on driving shit loads of traffic from the search engines to any topic he desires and he could prove it.

Let me explain, you know how when you’re online searching for information on how to grow your traffic and build your audience you can literally find thousands of websites all pretty much talking about the same old outdated methods which they rewrote into their own words after just reading someone else’s site?

Ever get the feeling that this theory based info is going to have you wasting time, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast? Well, I have.

Well, I have.

Until I came across Brian Dean and his epic actionable content on how to get traffic from search engines through building backlinks, doing proper keyword research and using a method called blogger outreach just to name a few of the topics he goes into on this exclusive interview I did with him about all things traffic.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • The truth on how important social signals are to your SEO efforts (and it’s not what you think)
  • You’ll get an in-depth explanation on why you have to master the art of persuasion, user-experience, and content promotion to get anywhere with SEO today.
  • You’ll also get a look into what a typical link-building day look like for Brian Dean
  • Plus Brian’s view on how often you need to post content to your blog. (This goes against everything you have heard to date)
  • How to come up with content ideas
  • Plus what goes into to producing content that is outstanding and epic, making it a no-brainer for people to like, subscribe, share and comment ( as I’m writing this, Brian’s last 3 posts on Backlinko all have over 200 comments each) so this is part of the interview that you should really pay attention to.
  • And if that wasn’t enough he also gives you some great insight into what the Guestographic method is for getting backlinks
  • His thoughts on the future of SEO
  • His answer to “is guest blog posting dead?” and a unique twist
  • Plus some of his favorite SEO and link-building tools and services

Man! Brian went in on this interview and didn’t hold anything back! If you want to learn how to get tons of traffic from the search engines, you must listen to every second of this interview it’s a complete game changer.

If you agree and you also got a lot of value from this interview make sure you say thanks and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 61 : Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing – Tom Hunt

I met Tom Hunt when Dave (cofounder of NinjaOutreach) introduced him to me a few months ago and I thought, this guy had built a successful business himself so maybe I should feature him in our show and people can learn from his experience too.

So we got in touch via some email exchange, however, the interview got delayed for some time until recently.

I’m very happy that we got to sit down and talk about everything outsourcing because, although I’m sold on this topic (we have a remote team), I’ve learned a lot of new valuable insights from him that I can use to improve my business.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why Outsourcing works for startups
  • How to hire the right VA for your business
  • What’s the best on-boarding process
  • How to manage your remote team
  • How to increase your team’s productivity
  • How to develop a company culture in a remote team

And that’s just to scratch the surface! Listen to this podcast in order to get a more in-depth understanding of everything you need to know about outsourcing.

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David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]