12 low investment Business ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

If you are reading this article, you are worried about your future, just like me. You want established business.

Are you tired of your job (either you are earning a handsome salary or earning low, either you are a student or looking for a job opportunity.)?

You don’t want others to play with your career. My personal experience shows that only a few people prefer job over a business.

They argue that job is to fix with low-risk involvement. They must get fix income per month. On the other hand, business has high risk.

12 low investment Business ideas

Income level fluctuates all the time. Business needs full time (24 hours) efforts.

Apart from income, efforts, and risk, business is a business. Business gives you feel of independence.

You don’t need to follow other’s orders. You are your own boss. Above all, you are an employer, not the employee and a small business must produce an opportunity for others.

As earlier discussed that business involves risk, ownership, special skills and investment. If you are risk taker then you can own your business.

In a business startup, investment is a big and real problem. Many entrepreneurs just drop their startup ideas due to investment problem.

They eventually hired by someone and donate their ideas to them and work for them for whole life.

They eventually hired by someone and donate their ideas to them and work for them for whole life.

I was facing the same problem due to some personal problems and investment issues. I could not start my business after my MBA.

I was very keen to run my own business. I had lot of ideas in my mind. I have council many people about how to start nd market business.

This led me to conduct a research on how to start a business with a low investment that involves low risk too.
In the local scenario, I found 10 businesses that can start with minimum investment (minimum investment means low-level investment which can be gathered by anyone).

All business requires some special skills which can be learned in short time period. I observed that only skillful person can start a business with low investment.

One great saying is “Skillful can earn in forest”. I advise young students that learn some skills as well parallel to your studies, you will never run out of cash at any time.

Below is the list of businesses, arranged by their status, easiness and earning. You can choice by your own (industry wise), even modify the idea.

I manage to write in general and try to cover all the aspects and relevant information in order to give a broader view.

Before going for any business, you must understand the needs of business.

I grouped relevant business/skills so that I can cover more information under one topic.

Web Development, Software Development, Internet Marketing, SEO,  and Blogging

I will call this web industry. Let me explain this further. All above-quoted jobs come under web industry.Web development job

Wed development is the hottest job now these days. Every business even a person needs websites and management software now.

You can learn code and start your own work as a company or freelancer. Many websites like freelancer.com, Odesk.com are providing the platform to freelancer.

You can learn code through Google, YouTube or get admission in an institute. Within 6 to 8 months, you will be able to do basic work.

If you use social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too much then you should learn that how to earn from them.

Every business and a single person need to have social media identity and someone who can manage it for them.

Learn how to run social media websites professionally and earn. SEO stands for search engine optimization used to manage the appearance of a website on search engine.

Every website needs to appear in top results on Google and you can help them if you learn SEO.

If you can write well and have a special interest in any topic, start a blog. You just write and publish your blog.

With some patience and constant efforts, you will be able to earn handsome earning.

Sales Consultant/ Independent Sales Representative

Become independent sales rep. sound weird? Don’t be panic. Let me explain this, companies’ hire sales staff for sales purpose.Sales Agent

They offer market competitive packages, commission and incentives and best facilities to their sales team in order to get maximum sales and retain them for longer time period.

Everything is OK with business model but the cost goes up high. Companies are now focusing on reducing cost so that they can provide products at lower price.

Quick, effective and efficient sales come from networks. A person with a good, strong and big network can sell products more quickly and efficiently.

If you are good at networking be independent sales Reps. Companies are now acquiring services of people with good sales skills as an independent sales rep/sales consultant on a commission basis.

Advantages of being independent sales Rep are working independently, no time frame can work for different companies at the same time.

All you need for becoming good sales consultant is good at networking, well at sales techniques and good product knowledge.

Electronic, Electric and Cooling Devices, Sales, Services, Maintenance and Repair

This idea sounds traditional? Yes, it is yet hot earning a job. Now these days due to electricity issue, if you have an interest in electronic gadgets, electronic components then why not turn this interest into a business. Service and Repair

Learn the skill that how to repair and maintain electronic gadgets and start working.

My own brother had an interest in electronics and now he is mobile repairer and earns handsome amount.

Due to electricity issues, everyone needs generator or UPS for home/office. Learn how to make UPS and earn.

Once you have setup your repairing shop, it is quite easy to start sales business of electronics/electrical equipment.

Invest your savings into your sales business and grow your business parallel to your repairing shop. After 4 to 5 years, you will have a reputable business in this industry.

You can do the same exercise with cooling devices (sales and maintenance). The increase in the trend of solar energy, you can set up solar shop too and provide solar solutions to your customers.

Everything will be so easy and smooth if you start with working with your hands.

Beauty parlor + Hair Stylish + Clothing + Ladies Store

This business is suitable for women but men can start with little changes. Beauty parlor! Another running business in the market. Beauty parlor and Hair Stylish

Women around you always need beauty parlor. Take advantage of this opportunity. Learn this skills professionally ad start your own business.

This idea has too much scope in future. You can get high progress with your skills.

Even you can become makeup artist for T.V and movies or can work for ad agencies but I always prefer own business.

You can witness about this business that how this industry emerges in past 4 to 5 years and the gap is still unfilled.

Take your beauty parlor to next level and start other relevant business together. This is my personal idea and my wife’s current business.

Let me explain the whole idea, start your beauty parlor, when you are settled and have enough regular customers, go for boutique services.

You just need to learn stitching or you can hire someone. You have already customer base. You just need to invest your savings, start with a little amount.

After successfully launching boutique, grow your business with makeup, undergarments, and jewelry. Provide complete female solutions under one roof.

This is the hottest business in women industry.

Cooking Classes + Small Restaurants + Homemade food store

My all-time favorite industry, food industry never faced decline stage. Cooking Classes and Small Restaurants

Food is a basic necessity and everyone must consume it. Become part of this high-profit industry and earn handsome amount.

You can learn cooking at home or at any professional institute but it is also important to have good sense and taste in your hand.

You have more chances to run your food business effectively. Many business models you have to adopt with food expertise.

For example, if you are good at some dish, offer some paid training to others and get paid.

You can use the internet and spread your videos on social websites. You can start homemade food store from your home.

You can get orders on phone/emails/website and delivered to their homes. If you have some investments in your hand, start your own restaurant.

Cook by yourself and hire other supporting staff. I know a lady teacher in Govt. College Islamabad, who started her frozen food business from her home and eventually left govt. job.

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Iron Shop, Laundry, Carpet and Blinds Cleaner

Next profitable and low investment business suggested by me after deep market research is Laundry business. Iron Shop, Laundry, Carpet and Blinds Cleaner

Indeed this is the necessity of life now. Everyone looks for someone professional cleaner to clean his clothes and you can fulfill this need.

Now special skills and heavy investment require at an initial stage. You can get start from an iron shop.

You just need to get a shop and a powerful iron so that you can provide iron facility to your customers.

This business grows with your efficiency and quick and timely delivery. People are very conscious for their clothes.

You can target them by giving them effective and efficient service.

When your business stands in the market, invest your saving in a small plant of laundry which clean daily use clothes.

Now you have two setups, iron shop, and laundry shop. You have more customers than previous. This is the time to grab them for whole life.

One satisfied customer means one regular pack of customers. Households need cleaning facility for carpet and blinds too.

Give them this service too. Invest more money now in your growing business. It is time to make your business a company.

Once you have settled the business, expand it through opening different outlets. I will be very happy to share with you well-known example “AMARPAK CLEANERS”.

They have started same as I explained above and now it’s a big company will multiple outlets.

Many other cleaners are now operating as companies, satisfying large pool of customers profitably.

Sweet House, Ice Cream Parlor, Dairy Farms

Although this business needs high investment but you can carry this business at low-level parallel to your job.  Sweet House, Ice Cream Parlor, Dairy Farms

The dairy product is a basic need of life. Our day starts with the use of dairy items. That’s why this business is evergreen and profitable.

You can start this business with the small sweet house, the even homemade sweet business can also be a good start.

Then Ice Parlor can be a good addition. Most important element of this business is milk, butter, and cream.

More pure ingredients you invest, more quality you will deliver and this quality can be produced easily through your own dairy farm.

Yes, no doubt this is high investment business but even you can start this with one cow.

This business needs multiple skills but if you take the start, you can learn or even you can hire professional services.

Grow your business and dairy farm parallel and enjoy a profit.

Car and Bike Repairs and Modification

This business is old and refused to accept by educated people due to its dirt but this is high income generated business. Car and Bike Repairs and Modification

With the increased use of motor cars and bike in daily life. Mechanics are highly demanded people in the society.

If you have an interest in Bike/ Car/ Automobile then I advise you to step in this industry. Within short time frame, you will be able to start your business with a handsome return.

All of you have to do is earn technical works. There are many professional training institutes who give training.

Mechanics also give training to newcomers. You can take this business to next level by your creativity.

Be creative, be specific and be modifiers love cars and bikes which are altered. People like to modify their cars and willing to pay more.

Take advantage of it. I personally, know one mechanic, who only repair and modify off road jeeps.

Private Tutor, Home Tuition Service, and Coaching Center

Another emerging and trending low-cost work are private to educational tutor services. If you are educated and know how to explain things and have good experience of presentation during studies. Mentor My Child

You can be a good teacher. The interesting thing about this idea is whatever you have studied, you can teach.

You can take start just by promoting yourself as a teacher. Parents always look for someone who can teach their children at home.

They are even ready to pay more. They want personal attention.

Now many coaching centers give facility to new teachers to register themselves and wherever new home tuition jobs open they prefer that.

Parents contact coaching centers to get services of home tutors.

You can advertise on social media websites. Job websites and newspapers are an important factor in this job.

You have to build trust on your tuition providers as well as parents. If you have succeeded at first job, congrats!

You have opened the way to successful business. Build your contracts and grab more home jobs.

When you are set and have a good amount of contacts, start your own tuition network.

You can open your own tuition center or academy and give educational services at your premises and also you can provide services of home tutors to parents.

Used Products buy /sell

I hope you are well aware of this business. You have seen many auction centers where you buy and sell used products.

Let start this business online. Social networking websites Facebook and trading websites OLX is the best platform to sell their products they don’t need but you can carry this activity as a business.

If you have a special interest in any section, start trading in that area.

My friend used to trade in second-hand cameras because he has expertise in camera field.

He uses Facebook and OLX.com to buy/sell his products. He always looks for the cheap products and wherever he found anything interesting, immediately buy it. He

He promotes these products on Facebook and OLX with his own prices and earns the profit. He has no additional experience or very little expense.

Small Grocery Shop

I am writing this idea because this is my favorite business. I have done research in this business. Small Grocery Shop

Opening a small shop is not a good idea near many people but I have researched about it that putting all investment at starting in this business is not favorable till you have good experience of this business.

Although no special skill is required for this business but you need to be good in relation to your suppliers, vendors, and market.

To increase profit you need to be aware of what’s going on in the market and which supplier is providing products at low cost.

Once you have a good supplier you can make a big investment and expand your store. Other marketing activities like home deliveries, discounts and sales are good to promote your business. You can sell your own brand products at your share.

Other marketing activities like home deliveries, discounts and sales are good to promote your business. You can sell your own brand products at your share.

You can sell your own brand products at your share. Marketing plan for the grocery store.

Construction Business

This is absolutely not a low investment business but a very successful business for those who have money and want to start own business. Building under construction

I am in this field and I know how much profit is in this business. This is construction era and takes advantage of it. Start at a low level.

Invest many initially in plots. Buy one plot and sell it after sometime period. You will definitely earn some profit. Repeat this activity again and again.

With the passage of time you will realize that you gained complete information regarding this business.

Now you can start your property buy/sell the business and also start construction. I will recommend you to build the home at a small plot.

Most of the people cannot afford a big home and buy a small one. A small home can be built in 3 to 4 months and can give a profit of one hundred thousand to one fifty thousand.

These could be best ideas for business but not for all. If you have anything new please share with our readers. Share this article to those who really need this.

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