How to Use Ninjaoutreach for Guest Posts, Product Reviews, and Sponsored Posts

Perhaps our most successful strategy has been content marketing involving product reviews and guest posts, sponsored posts and giveaways. But how to get product reviews and guest post opportunities?

Here’s a few out of the dozens of guest posts that we’ve had published:

As a software product I particularly like product reviews because they convert well and don’t require any extra writing on our part.

That said, guest posting helps us build links for longtail keywords and get exposure for our brand.

And giveaways are just nice 🙂

Supplementary Reading Before Getting Started

I know everyone likes to just dive in - so do I, but I thought it was worth sharing a few tutorials that will add a lot of additional context to the strategies as opposed to being more hands on tactical in regards to the tool, which is our goal for this article:

Product reviews and sponsored posts are similar in strategy to guest posting so one tutorial suffices.

How To Find Bloggers Who Do Product Reviews or Guest Posts With NinjaOutreach 

The most effective way to find people who do interviews is through The Live Search.

  1. First go to the Content Prospecting and check the box Live Search
  2. Now run your search with any of these advanced search operators.

Now, all you need are the recommended advanced search terms specific for this exercise:

  • [Your-Topic] inurl:/review/
  • [Your-Topic] inurl:category/review/
  • [Your-Topic] intitle:reviews

Variations of the above can work well for the following words:

  • [Product Reviews] - review, reviews, product review, product reviews, product-review, product-reviews
  • [Guest Posts] - guest post, guest-post, guest post, guest-posts, write-for-us, write for us, guest post guidelines, guest-post-guidelines, guest contributor, guest-contributor
  • [Giveaways] - giveaway, giveaways
  • [Sponsored Posts] - sponsored post, sponsored-post, sponsored posts, sponsored-posts, advertise

Here's a few examples of using advanced search operators to get what you want if you were to do them in Google- you can take the same exact queries and use our Live Search to do the same:

If I want to find websites that hosted a marketing giveaway, I can search something like this:

marketing giveaway

If I want websites that wrote a review about another (competitor) tool, I can search something like this:

competitor product review

If I want websites that do product reviews for marketing software, I can search something like this:

niche product review

If I want websites on which an influencer in my space guest posted, I can search something like this:

brian dean guest post

If I want websites that linked to a competitor, but do not include the competitor itself, I can search something like this:


By combining advanced search operators with our live search you can very quickly launch a very targeted outreach campaign!

How To Find Bloggers Who Do Product Reviews or Guest Posts With NinjaOutreach (Method 2)

Another method is simply to use the search and the filter in our two tabs; Content Prospecting and Social Prospecting.

Just run a search for your topic, and then select which kind of post you’re after from the filter drop down menu.

I recommend setting the search to 5k, because this filter will drastically reduce the results. This is because these data points are relatively new to the software, and the data is still being built up.

Using The Content Prospecting Tab


You can also run a search with the keywords directly, for example “Marketing Review”. In this case, it is better NOT to put the filter on, because the exact match will already filter the keywords for you.


Both of these will provide different results, so it’s worth trying both approaches.

Using The Social Prospecting Tab


You can also run a search on the Social Prospecting tab, although it doesn’t have a filter, so you’ll just have to rely on the keyword alone:

Remember to try keywords such as review, reviews with your key term as well, because it is set to exact match:

From here you can easily add the good candidates to a list.

Performing The Outreach And Landing Slots!

Before doing the outreach, you will have to integrate your email.

Once you save the bloggers to your list, you’re ready to do outreach to them. These knowledge base articles are useful for outreach.

All you need is a script.

Here are 34 ultimate outreach scripts you can use, as well as two below that directly serve this purpose.

Example Guest Post Script

Example Product Review Script

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