How to Start Writing

To People Who Want To Write – How to Start Writing

To be sincere, WRITING is not an easy task! Getting into the writing mood is also not that easy, it is actually a bit difficult.

Most of the time bloggers bite a nail and instead of thinking the content of the future article they think how to start writing.

I am actually writing this post when am not feeling like writing and I have found out that 90% of my blog posts have been written when I don’t actually feel like writing. 

Most of the time as a blogger or writer, we find it difficult to get started with writing even though we know we need to write those articles for our blogs and clients.

I have been finding it a bit difficult to get into my writing zone lately and I figured out that there are some people who may be in my situation and will need all the help they can get.

So I felt it will be cool to share some of my personal favorite writing tips for getting my writings done even if I don’t feel like writing!

So, let’s see how to get you into your writing Mood or Zone at all times!!!

1. Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!!

When I don’t feel like writing, I have found sleeping to be one of my best solutions to get into my writing mood.

I have discovered that one of the major reasons why most people find it difficult to start writing is brain fatigue as a result of work, stress or other activities.

I have discovered that it is very difficult for writers and bloggers who are doing some other things (like studying or daytime work) in conjunction with blogging or writing to get into their writing zone easily.

Whenever I feel my Brain is tired but I need to get some writings done, I just go to my bed to sleep.

I will recommend you sleep for about 2 hours or 2 hours 30 mins. (You can do better, though 😉 😀 ), to get your brain relaxed.

I am very sure when you wake up you will feel relaxed and refreshed;  Immediately you wake up, take a shower (not necessary), pick up your writing pad and start writing.

If the words are not coming, just hold your pen and keep staring at the sheet or screen, and trust me the words will come soon!

2. Write Jargons!

Write Jargons? Yeah! You heard me right!

Most of the times when we don’t feel like writing, it’s not like we don’t have anything to say but we are just lazy to get started.

You are too lazy to switch on your laptop and open your word editor or you are too lazy to pick up your writing notebook and your pen; either way, it is still LAZINESS!

Just struggle to pick up your laptop, notebook or Writing pad and your pen and start writing the alphabet “A – Z”, I mean A,B,C,D,E,F,G, H,I, ……. X, Y, Z.

By the time you are done writing that, trust me, your mood would have been lifted and you will feel like writing that article or blog posts.

You can even extend this technique a little bit by writing any random words; it doesn’t have to be meaningful.

The essence of this step is just to put words down and get started with the writing.

3. Listen to Music

Music??? Yeah! Music…

Believe it or not, music lifts the spirit! This time I am not talking about random and lousy music.

I Am not recommending hip hop or music in genres close to it. I am talking about cool music and symphony.

Get your earpiece or headset, grab your phone, iPod or any music player, pick up your writing pad or notebook; then select your favorite music (I will prefer cool music and hymns 😉 ), increase the volume to the high side and start staring at your writing pad or preferably, start writing any words/jargons.

In some few minutes of doing this, Am sure you should get the inspiration of getting those writings done!

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Sometimes, getting started with writing can be really hard especially when you really need to create contents, but I believe with the above tips, you will surely be able to overcome this and get into your writing mood or writing zone.

If the above tips do not work for you, maybe you are not supposed to write that day!

Why not just go out, watch some movies and have some fun!!! ;-0 😀 😛  because Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. – I will strongly recommend that you don’t use your PC or LAPTOP for writing when you don’t actually feel like writing because you may get carried away by distractions; but if you can handle the distractions, then you are good to go 😀

David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]