Grouphigh Alternatives:

NinjaOutreach vs Grouphigh

Many visitors come to our website and are curious about how we differentiate ourselves from GroupHigh.

Actually, the difference is fairly significant, so let’s talk about it.

  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Live Chat Support
  • Influencer Search Features
  • Instagram Search
  • Twitter Search
  • Ability to View Page Shares
  • Live Content Prospecting
  • In-house Prospect Database
  • Get Contact Info
  • Outreach Features
  • Automated Scheduled Outreach
  • Automated Follow Ups
  • Connect to Gmail and/or IMAP
  • Email Custom Fields
  • Email history
  • ninjaoutreach
  • grouphigh
  • ?

1. NinjaOutreach Is More Cost Effective

Without a doubt the biggest difference is price. While we do not have 100% transparency into GroupHigh’s pricing (they do not put it on their website), the general word is that it’s around $7k per user per year. For most small businesses, GroupHigh pricing is simply not affordable (especially if you are just getting started with blogger outreach).

This is well over 10x more expensive than NinjaOutreach’s highest plan.
For this reason, GroupHigh’s customers tend to be relatively high end enterprises or large agencies who have large budgets. If that doesn’t sound like you, it’s probably not a good fit.

Pricing Plans

Grouphigh position themselves as a premium software and charge the high price per user. They don't show the rate on their website, so this data is taken from a third parties. However, NinjaOutreach plans starts from $69 only, in this tabe you will see the comparison of the highest NinjaOutreach plan vs Grouphigh

  • Price
  • Number of users
  • Automated outreach & follow ups
  • Monthly export quota / Storage
  • Database search quota
  • Prospecting search quota
  • Enterprise
  • $5,400/year
  • 10
  • 100,000 contacts
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Custom
  • $9,600/year ?
  • 1
  • Not Specified
  • 50 results per search
  • 30 searches

2. NinjaOutreach Is More Intuitive

We have quite a lot of people who compliment us on our UI. GroupHigh, being an enterprise tool, is more complicated to use.

Here’s an image of their software.

A similar image in NinjaOutreach looks like:

But it’s not really just about design, but user experience.
We get compliments every week on how easy to use and intuitive Ninja Outreach is:

Which is good, because we designed it that way. Finding bloggers, adding them to lists, and reaching out to them shouldn’t be difficult. It is a software after all and your time is valuable, so we try to minimize the amount of effort you spend getting up to speed.
That’s why we’ve written step by step tutorial on how to get the most value out of NinjaOutreach.

3. NinjaOutreach Has Outreach And Features

GroupHigh has a great database, no doubt about it. Their database is currently larger than ours. That said, NinjaOutreach has millions of blogs in our database and growing, and always with the ability to import in.

Aside from that, our tool has invested a lot in prospecting development and building a database, but it still requires outreach. Things like:

  • Custom templates
  • Open/Reply/Click tracking
  • Email history
  • Follow up reminders
  • Sent/Not Sent Filtering

And other ways to effectively manage your outreach campaign.

Above all, you can launch automated outreach campaigns in NinjaOutreach, which will save you hours!

4. NinjaOutreach Has Automated Outreach And Follow Ups

I’m just going to say it – our customer service rocks. Generally we respond to everything within 20 minutes (not a guarantee, but that’s how it typically plays out).

Here’s what happened while a GroupHigh visitor was waiting for a response:

We even have a way to book a call with us in the app itself:

Bottom Line

As an enterprise level tool, GroupHigh outnumbers the breadth of NinjaOutreach’s database. It also has analytics, but it is also more complex to use compared to our more user-friendly interface. Despite this complexity, GroupHigh does not have the automated, scheduled outreach, and follow up features that NinjaOutreach has.

GroupHigh’s price point and learning curve may also not be ideal for startups or solopreneurs. In fact, it is 10x more expensive than our highest plan in NinjaOutreach. But is it worth it? There can be reasons that you should definitely choose GroupHigh, as there are reasons for going with NinjaOutreach.

Ready to give NinjaOutreach a try?