Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016

The year 2016 packed quite a punch as far as Google’s search algorithm updates were concerned, with several updates, big and small, being rolled out. While some updates were conspicuous and caused a stir, others were discreet. However, smart marketers had their eyes and ears open to make the most of them.

Among the most noticeable and impactful updates were the Penguin and the Possum, both of which help websites improve their credibility. While Penguin checked websites for spammy content, Possum made a difference by filtering out business listings on Google My Business from the Local Pack and Local Finder.

Penguin was geared towards crawling websites to weed out and penalize those that harbored spammy content. It went on to become Google’s core ranking algorithm. However, Penguin was kind to the websites that rectified this error. Their rankings improved once the pages were re-crawled after the rectification.

Also, because of the update, the algorithm penalizes only the pages that contain spammy content, instead of the entire website. This has been done in an effort to devalue spam and promote authenticity in Web content.

Google also announced an algorithm update to make the digital landscape more mobile-friendly. This aim of this update was to improve ranking signals for pages that users found useful and mobile-friendly. This was important because whenever the search algorithm is changed, it has far-reaching effects on search results across devices. The updates are made so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Being aware of the 2016 updates means you will be able to steer your way in 2017 with more confidence. You will know the effects of algorithm changes on website rankings, which will help you channel your SEO efforts in the right direction, thereby augmenting your website’s ranking. If your SEO practices are sound and in keeping with the updates, you will not have much to fret over.

This gifographic describes all the notable Google search algorithm updates of 2016 as they happened. Whether it was the core algorithm update, AdWords placement, Possum update, or the return of the Penguin, it represents everything that made waves in the year gone by.

Google's Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016 - a visual representation by E2M

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Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates

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