How to Get Your Blog Indexed on Google (Very Fast)

Sometimes, getting a new blog indexed in a search engine can become a troubling issue amongst bloggers especially the newbie bloggers who are just getting a hang of this SEO thingy.

I have been into blogging for about 6 years now, and one of my SEO Aura is getting a blog indexed quickly.

I have read Facebook updates with various lamentations of some bloggers about how Google and other search engines refused to index their blog even though they are publishing new contents.

Get your blog indexed quickly

The truth be told, publishing contents is not enough to get those web spiders crawling through your blog, you have to entice them to your blog and give them a reason to stick around.

Let me tell you a short story!

Two weeks ago, I started a new Amazon Store built on the WordPress platform and after a long time of not starting a new blog, am faced with getting this site indexed in Google and start ranking for some long tail keywords.

After I setup the site, and I was adding my products, I didn’t want any distraction, so I forgot about doing SEO for the first two days and despite the fact that I added over 250 pages of content within 2 days (that is massive content) the site still refused to get the attention of Almighty Google.

So after 2 days of building the site and optimizing it, I applied my little indexing tricks late in the night of the 2nd day and when I woke up the following morning, I took a stroll to Google search and entered my domain name and voila! My new site is indexed!

The site didn’t just get indexed by luck, it got indexed due to the strategies that I have found to work and which applied to the site.

I will be sharing with you those strategies today; by the time you are through with reading this post, you will be able to get any new blog you setup indexed within 6 hours or less.

Without much ado, let’s get down to business and learn how you can get your new blog indexed in Google within 6 hours!

Trick 1 – Add your Site to is a website analysis tool which I have discovered to be in great relationship with Google when it comes to crawling.

I have discovered that qirina gets crawled fast and frequently by Google and one of the easiest ways to get your new blog noticed is to get your blog URL on a site that Google loves to crawl.

When you get to, you have the opportunity to search for your domain using the search box on the site, but believe me, nothing will come up using the search box since your blog is new and qirina has not yet crawled your site.

So what you have to do is to add your site to their index, to do this, scroll down to the footer area of the website and you will find the link that reads “Add a Site” follow this link and enter your new blog URL in the site addition box and click “submit”; then wait for the analysis of your site to be completed.

The qirina website analysis tool is quite comprehensive and you can learn one or two things about your site SEO by using their tool. So it is not just about the link back or indexing, you also get to have a quick SEO analysis of your website.

Visit Qirina

Trick 2 – is also another Google addicted website; Google loves this SEO analysis website so much!

Woorank is a web based software that generate instant reviews of websites.

Woorank is similar to qirina, but Woorank gives more detailed analysis of websites covering every major aspect of web development and SEO.

Getting your new blog indexed through Woorank is quite easy, all you need to do is to go to their homepage and enter your new blog URL; this will take you to a new page where you will wait till your website analysis is done.

Once your website analysis is done, I will advice you to go through their analysis to see if there are some things you might change on your blog based on their recommendation.

If there is none, you may close the page and naviate away.

Visit Woorank

Trick 3 – IMTalk Website Submitter

Website directories may seem old school to you, but believe me, they work for me when it comes to creating a buzz around a new website.

I know some folks like doing manual website directory submission, I used to do this too in the past (5 years ago), but since I stumbled upon this cool FREE website submitter available at IMtalk forum, I just automate it.

The IMtalk website submitter tool lets you submit your blog link to over 2500 website directories and WHOIS databases.

This website submitter is quite effective and Google friendly (don’t worry about G kicks).

So whenever I want to get a new blog indexed, I head over to this tool, add my link and sit back as it does its job.

Visit IMTalk

Trick 4 – Google+ Plus share

Google+? Yea! Google Plus.

FYI, Google owns Google plus and whether you believe it or not, Google plus is beginning to affect search engine result pages (SERPs) behaviors.

I have discovered that a cool way to draw Google’s attention to your new blog is to invite them indirectly via Google plus.

Inviting the Google bots to your site via Google Plus is quite easy, all it takes is to share a link to one or two of your new blog’s post on Google plus and sit back for the magic to happen.

If possible, ask one or two of your friends to give you a +1 and reshare the post too and before you know it, Google with know that something is happening over at your new blog.

Visit Google+

P.S. – The tricks that I will be mentioning below other than the 4 ones I mentioned above are my last resort to getting my new blogs indexed.  will advice you too to keep these 2 last tricks as your last resort. Don’t ask me why!

Trick 5 – Submit your URL to Google

Some bloggers don’t know that Google is quite nice to us webmasters. Nice? Yea! Nice!

If you don’t know, Google has always provided us with a tool that we can use to submit our URL to their index; this website submission tool has been available since I could remember.

They provided this tool so that you can submit your website for indexing incase the Google spiders don’t just want to visit your blog.

You can access this tool by visiting - , when you get to this page, all you need to do is to add your blog URL and submit it for indexing, and then hope that the spiders visit you soon

Trick 6 – Sitemap Submission

Sitemap submission is the big boss of all other methods listed in this post!

Submitting your sitemap to Google is very very important even if your site gets indexed by using the other methods that I shared above.

The other methods above will get just a few of your blog pages indexed, but submitting your sitemap to Google via the webmaster tools will get a bulk of your blog pages indexed quickly.

Before you can submit your blog sitemap to Google, you will need to verify your blog ownership via the Google webmaster tools and believe me; this is quite easy to do.

I will recommend you read this tutorial for detailed instructions on how to use this trick. If you have not verified your blog with Google webmaster tools, I will recommend you Check this Guide.


Getting a new blog indexed in Google can be achieved in 6 hours or less if you follow the strategies that I have outlined in this post, I have used these methods and I still use them and they work well for me.

What do you think about my indexation tricks? Or are there any other blog indexation methods you know? Kindly share them with us in the comments sections.

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