Influencer Research

Get all the information you need about influencers in one place

Keyword Research
Search by keyword and find influencers who are ranking in Google for your target niche.

Harvest Contact Info
NinjaOutreach collects contact info such as email, contact page, location and phone number.

Find Social Data
NinjaOutreach collects social data such as number of followers across multiple social platforms.

View Profiles
Easily view influencer profile data such as their website, recent posts, and social pages.

Build Lists
Assign influencers to lists, which can be exported or managed from within the platform.

Advanced Search and Filter
Filter on social following, location, contact info, and SEO metrics to get the exact influencers you need.

Relationship Management

Build a rapport with influencers who can promote your brand online

Email Integration
Built in CRM to make the transition from prospecting to outreach seamless.

Assign and Filter Lists
Assign your lists to campaigns, clients, and users from your team and filter through them.

Relationship Tracking
Connect with influencers through different channels like Twitter and blog commenting, and note it in your list.

Import and Export Data
Import your own list of blogs and export from our platform as a CSV.

Email Management
Schedule emails and follow ups with influencers. View the email history of your team for each lead.

Split Testing
Track response and open rates of your saved templates to get the best results.

Reporting and Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns and provide reports to your clients

User Analytics
View a break down of activity by user