Ep#5 James Schramko - Blueprint To Create a 7 Figure Lifestyle Business

What does it really take to go from where you are now to building a 7 Figure Lifestyle Business?

If you want the answer to that question you're going to want to listen closely to today's guest, because he's going to show you the keys things any business owner needs to focus on to achieve this.

Meet Our Guest

James Schramko quit his high profile job with Mercedes and entered the online business world back in 2005. His decision to leave Mercedes after climbing the corporate ladder was not one he took lightly, but the potential that he recognized in internet marketing was too great for him to ignore.

James was certainly making an impressive living by most people's standards while at Mercedes. His amazing sales talent saw him quickly become recognized as somewhat of a superstar at the company and he quickly rose through the ranks even in the face of some tough competition from other ambitious individuals. It was his desire to always come out on top that led him to stumble into the online world and discover internet marketing.

There is no denying James’s competence at this internet marketing game. He has managed to get to grips with the ins and outs of online business and build himself a 7 figure online empire in just a short space of time. In addition to that, his focus on building a lifestyle business has meant that he has been able to travel the world not once, but twice during his lifetime.

This super hard working entrepreneur now focuses much of his effort on helping other would-be internet marketers learn the skills needed to build a lifestyle business of their own. And he is certainly well positioned to carry out this job.

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