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Drama Mayhem – Product Launch Campaign Case Study

Drama Mayhem

Don Wilder

Interview with Ninja Outreach user, Don Wilder, Founder of Drama Mayhem

Drama Mayhem is a new improv comedy card game that is being unveiled early this year. Founder Don Wilder discusses how he was able to save over 30 hours in his campaign and reach top influencers to help promote his product with the help of NinjaOutreach.

“I’d also really want to express one area that you guys outshine the competition, and that’s the speed and quality of the customer service on troubleshooting any and every question I shoot at them. The guys are great, friendly, and helpful. That’s one of the strong reasons I will plan to continue using your software as well.” – Don Wilder of Drama Mayhem


  • Established contact with a comedian and actor influencer with over 165k Instagram followers that will help promote his business
  • Over 200+ positive leads and counting

1. What specific goal have you achieved with NinjaOutreach?

I wanted to find influencers for the new card game I created and will soon launch to market.

I’ve reached a few notable influencers that will help me promote the game.. recently I reached one celebrity that is a comedian and actor with over 165K Instagram followers that is excited to help me spread the word about my game.

2. How many campaigns did you launch to achieve this goal? What was your reply rate? How many emails did you send and how many positive responses did you get?

Well, I’ve launched about 15 and I’m still going. There’s no set number of responses I’m after. The more the better. The reply rate ranges from around 1-1.5% to 17%.

Reply Rate

3. What other tools (if any) did you use for this campaign and why?

Dropbox > For the PDF download of the sample game to show leads to generate interest.

4. How did you use NinjaOutreach?

I looked for target keywords that would be a good fit for my campaign and did the general search, and I used the google chrome extension.

5. What outreach strategies did you find worked best? (best template, best approach, best schedule to send outreach, etc)

So far, it’s been a revised template with a custom pitch for leads to check out our new game, along with the offer to try out a free sample deck.

I normally put in the contact person’s first name or company name, and if no name then I’ll put “there” as in “hey there” to keep it more friendly in tone.

So far, our templates have pretty good open rates, some even get higher than 40% open rates and over 5% replies.

Open and Reply Rate

6. What problem did NinjaOutreach solve for you, or how was NinjaOutreach specifically able to help with your campaign?

The simple organization of lead generation, and automation on the email outreach.

NinjaOutreach also saved me a huge amount of time.

Granted the amount of time I need to search, hire, train and manage virtual assistants, I’d say for every 100-200 emails that go out would be around 1-2 hours of work to do above and review VA’s results.

The challenge is also for work quality (minimizing error) and speed. So, I think I’ve sent out 3-4K+ emails so far.

So NinjaOutreach saved me LOTS of hours, in short, at least 20-30 hours of work to this point or more.

7. Before NinjaOutreach, what was your process for prospecting and launching your outreach campaigns?

Excel and manual email outreach. I hired a couple of VAs online but it was more work to train them than what it was worth, as it was a labor-intensive process and very little results in return.

8. What process would you say was more cost-effective? Why?

Time is money, right? I don’t need to manage VAs anymore so closely. Being able to do all of this on my own using automation has been really helpful.

Hazel Mae Pan

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager & Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.