Content Amplification Is Important

5 Reasons Why Content Amplification Is Important

So, you’ve written an amazing article and you want to post it on your Facebook page.

Have you given any thought to when you should post it?

Do you know how many people will see it if you post it to Facebook?

What about if you post it to Instagram?

Have you considered sending the material to another website to promote?


Creating high-quality content is important.

But what’s even more important than that is strategizing how to get that content in front of the most potential customers as possible.

That’s where content amplification comes in.

Content amplification is the process of increasing the impact of your content across a wide variety of channels.

Not convinced that it matters? Consider these points:

1. Your Content is Not The Best Out There

You might be an excellent writer, but unless you are the great-grandchild of William Shakespeare, you can be sure there are better writers out there.

In fact, there are better writers who are writing about the same thing you are writing about.

If you lined up all the articles about hair care, do you think the most powerfully written article would have the most views?

No. The most viewed article would be the one with the best marketing and amplification strategy. Period.

2. Your Business is Not Unique

Ok, so it’s possible that your business is the only one of its kind. But that is very, very unlikely.

What’s more likely is that you have a niche within your market, but there are other companies that do more or less the same thing that you do.

Content amplification is a way to differentiate yourself amongst your competitors.

If you know who your target audience is, and you can find a way to reach them when they are the most receptive, you will have already won the biggest battle: getting them to notice you.

3. Your Customer is Bombarded With Information

The average social media user is inundated with ads, articles, and pictures.

He doesn’t have the time to sort through pages and pages of content just to find yours.

Unless you are his absolute favorite content writer, he probably won’t take the time to read your material.

Amplification recognizes that he is busy, and it makes the process much easier.

He won’t have to seek out your content, it will come to him.

4. Sharing Content Is Not Content Amplification

Anyone can post an article to their social media pages.

Unfortunately, many business owners think this is a sufficient way to reach their audience.

Without amplification, you have to rely on people finding your page and deciding on their own to read the material.

Amplification helps this process along. You don’t want to just share your content.

You want other people to share it.

You want people to see it at the right time and associate it with your brand. Which brings me to my last point.

5. You Need to Build a Brand, Not Just A Business

Your business is the sum of its parts. Your brand is determined by how your customers perceive those parts.

Branding is the most important part of running a business because it’s how customers decide whether or not they can relate to you.

Content Amplification lets you choose where people see your content.

You can help shape how they view your content and whether or not they identify with your brand.

Simply sharing your content on Facebook will not accomplish this.

Content Amplification Tools

Use these tools to help streamline your content amplification process to get the most out of your content and website.

1. NinjaOutreach

If lead generation, blogger outreach, and prospecting are a part of your business, then Ninja Outreach is an awesome resource for you!

The website lets you search through millions of websites from one location.

When you type in a keyword, Ninja Outreach provides you with a list of all the potential influencers in that market.

The content includes SEO data for each website, as well as the name, social profiles, and traffic data of each business.

You can create lists of potential contacts, share the data with team members, and easily manage your marketing efforts and relationships.

It’s a fantastic partner for your marketing plan!

2. Edgar

Edgar categorizes all of your posts, and then keeps track of when you posted them last. It creates an algorithm to re-post content on a regular basis, depending on when your viewers engage with that sort of content.

3. Zapier

Zapier connects all of your content amplification apps to each other. You can set up “triggers” (aka “zaps”), so your social media will essentially take care of itself. For instance, you can set up a zap that posts to your Twitter whenever one of your influencers shares your content.

4. AddThis

AddThis adds buttons to your page so users can easily share or follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The site can also create pop ups for your website, requesting that viewers register to your mailing list.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social media accounts from one website. You can link profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram and schedule all of your posts from one place. Hootsuite also offers analysis of your content so you can learn to post when your readers are most likely to see it.

6. Facebook Ads

Use Facebook to promote your content based on the viewers’ demographics, location, or interests. Facebook ads reach an average of 91.3% of your target audience.

7. Promoted Tweets

Promote your posts on Twitter! Your content will show up on targeted pages based on the user’s interest or whether they are already a fan of your page.

As you can see, content amplification is an extremely important component of social media marketing.

Without amplification, you are leaving your marketing up to chance. And that’s no way to run a successful business.

Hopefully, these tools will help you set up your own content amplification strategy for your website or blog.

You have all that you need to make your online marketing great. Good luck!

Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator at Essay Writing Service . Get in touch with him on Linkedin.