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Buy credits in bulk to cut your costs and contact 2x more Instagram Influencers!

$10 = 20 Credits

Need Instagram influencers for niche or one-off campaigns? Start with 20 credits. Each credit comes with unlimited messaging per influencer.

$20 = 40 Credits

Need a bigger Instagram Influencer pool for your campaign? Get 40 credits. Messages per influencer are unlimited.

$99 = 250 Credits

Get 50 credits free when you get the $99-pack. Reach more Instagram influencers with 250 credits. Built for massive, multiple campaigns! Unlimited messaging per influencer still included.

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How does the credit system work?

For one-time orders, $1 is equal to 1 credit, which is equal to contact with one influencer. You get double the credits for the same amount if you get the $10-and $20-pack. You get 50 bonus credits when you get the $99-pack.

Do I get charged extra for every message I send?

No. One credit is equal to contact with one influencer. You can send unlimited messages to each influencer. Your credits will only be charged per influencer contacted, not per message.

How long before I can get an influencer’s email address?

It typically takes 2 to a maximum of 12 hours.

How can I get a refund?

You will be refunded the credit if you don’t get the email address of the influencer you requested contact with.

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