100 Startup Directory To Submit Your Startup

If you’re launching a startup (like we were), you’re probably considering submitting it to various startup directories and review sites.

As we quickly found – there are a lot of startup directory.

In fact my research found over 100 startup directories, and I’m sure there are more.

Here’s the “good” news: Many of the startup directory requires the same information, which means if you fill it out once, you can get away with copying and pasting.

Admittedly though, it’s still a lot of work and can be difficult to explain to a VA. If you really want to go through these – prepare for an entire day to be sacked.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to highlight the one that sent us the most traffic and conversions.

Next I’m going to share my entire list of startup directories.

And then I’m going to link to a bonus package that will include hundreds more directories, that are guaranteed to be up to
date. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom!

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Our Top Two Startup Submissions

Betalist – By a LARGE margin, this startup directory was the one that sent hundreds of visitors and the sign up rate was probably 30%. I say probably because unfortunately I didn’t had GA tracking properly at that time. It came very fast as a result of us being on the newest page, I think, so a lot of this was in the first few days during which we collected 50 sign ups or so. We paid the basic plan to get it done in 3 business days, and I think it was worth it.

If you’re pressed for time and don’t have a competent VA, submit to this one and call it a day.

The Full List of 100 startup directories
  1. 101bestwebsites.com
  2. 365startup.it
  3. aboutyourstartup.com
  4. allweb2.com
  5. alphalist.co
  6. appappeal.com
  7. apps400.com
  8. appvita.com
  9. austinstartuplist.com
  10. betabound.com
  11. betacandy.com
  12. betainvites.com
  13. betakit.com
  14. betalist.com
  15. betapunch.com
  16. capterra.com
  17. crozdesk.com
  18. cloudbook.net
  19. cloudshowplace.com
  20. cloudsurfing.com
  21. crunchbase.com
  22. dreamstake.net
  23. erlibird.com
  24. eu-startups.com
  25. f6s.com
  26. feedmyapp.com
  27. fos.com
  28. go2web20.net
  29. growvc.com
  30. hackernews
  31. inspiredbeta.com
  32. inviteshare.com
  33. killerstartups.com
  34. launchingnext.com
  35. livetoclose.com
  36. makeuseof.com
  37. marsjob.net
  38. momb.socio-kybernetics.net
  39. mosaichub.com
  40. new-startups.com
  41. ontheapp.com
  42. opencoffee.ning..com
  43. operation6fig.com
  44. paggu.com
  45. plugstartups.com
  46. prefundia.com
  47. producthunt.com
  48. productivewebapps.com
  49. promotehour.com
  50. ratemystartup.com
  51. reddit.com
  52. rev2.org
  53. robotlaunch.com
  54. rubase.vc
  55. seriousstartups.com
  56. singlefunction.com
  57. sprouter.com
  58. sproutingstartups.com
  59. start-ups.co
  60. startupbenchmarks.com
  61. startupbooster.com
  62. startupdirectory.com.au
  63. startupdonut.co.uk
  64. startuplift.com
  65. startupmeme.com
  66. startupnext.co
  67. startups.bz
  68. startupsea.com
  69. startuptabs.com
  70. startuptank.com
  71. startuptunes.com
  72. startupwizz.com
  73. storyfied.com
  74. techfaster.com
  75. techpluto.com
  76. thenextweb.com
  77. thestartuppitch.com
  78. thetechmap.com
  79. topecommercestartups.com
  80. venturebonsai.com
  81. venturebin.com
  82. webapprater.com
  83. webdevtwopointzero.com
  84. webdevtwopointzero.com
  85. wikindo.com
  86. youngentrepreneur.com
  87. younoodle.com
  88. ziipa.com
  89. angel.co
  90. getapp.com
  91. startupstats.com
  92. kaanjo.co
  93. mystartuptool.com
  94. startupnotice.com
  95. universalstartups.com
  96. allstartups.info
  97. betapage.co
  98. startupinspire.com
  99. startupbuffer.com
  100. promotehour.com
Is It Worth It To Submit To The Rest Of the Startup Directory?

Like most things the answer is: Maybe.

The short answer is we didn’t get much traffic or conversions from the other ones we submitted to.

The long answer is we may have gotten some quality backlinks that will help us rank down the line. Additionally, who knows, maybe some VC will be looking through one of these one day and come across our startup. It’s hard to put a price on being “out there”.

What Information Do I Need To Submit My Startup to a Startup Directory?

There are pretty fundamental things you are going to need to know about your product. You might not need all of these, but if you have them all handy you’ll be good to go.

  • Product name and website
  • Company name and website
  • Company Logo
  • Location
  • # of Employees
  • Have you received funding?
  • Around 4-5 screenshots
  • Product video
  • Founding year
  • Founder(s) name
  • Awards
  • Brief description ( you can have around 3 for variation )
  • Long Description ( you can have around 3 for variation )
  • Tags
  • Who is it for / What problems it solves
  • What makes it different
  • Social media handles
  • Pricing details
Looking For More?

I’ll be honest – I don’t keep this article up to date.

And every month, new, hot directories come out, not to mention that there are well over 100 to begin with.

So, if you’re looking for more submission websites, including some new ones that have launched, I’ve compiled a resources guide that links to some articles and websites that are more active about adding the latest directories. Get it simply by clicking below.

  • Hi Dave,
    This is an impressive article and insights with regards to directories where start ups can be submitted for traffic. The post not only reveals where to submit start-ups but shows what information is to be submitted.
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    CHeers – Nitin

    • Dave Schneider

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  • Hello Dave,

    I appreciate your post and collections. Online presence is very important to grow up business now a days. branded website, social media accounts, submission to various business directories will decide how much reputed a startup, in addition to their quality services.

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    We just put up a list of 120+ places to submit a startup: http://promotehour.com . We have also put some key info about each startup. Hope you find it useful.

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  • Already submitted my start-up http://thainarak.net to the top 2 sites you mentioned above, easy interface and good experience so far.
    I will eventually let you know if a Thai website can have a real advantage from this list, could be an interesting topic for a future article.


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  • thanks for the great list, i have sumitted my site to these startups! thx again

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  • Thanks for the comprehensive list, Dave. I want to share my experience of promoting Parcl (https://www.parcl.com), a startup from Australia. Last October we were featured on ProductHunt, which resulted in thousands of registered users within a couple of days. Parcl became the most upvoted product in October, 2015. The process of submission is not the simpliest there, but the result is fantastic.

    After that we got noticed by Netted. Those guys made a great video review for us (for free). So you may try them as well.

    We got refused by BetaList, because the project was already available for public. Currently we’re waiting for KillerStartups consideration. The first time we submitted Parcl to KS was late September last year, so it’s more than 4 months now. I contacted Wil Schroter (KillerStartups CEO), he was very helpful and sent our website info to the editors. Hope it works, but I saw many negative reviews regarding KS.

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  • More websites here: http://mystartuptool.com

  • The Startup Register allows you to post free business profiles with anchor text backlinks, press releases and job postings – http://startupregister.net/?src=nja

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  • Looking for SaaS directories, you can find a complete active and updated list here http://www.backlinkfy.com/submit-your-startup-to-saas-directories

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  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful websites for listing. List your local business for FREE and get instant approval with dofollow link. Here you can share product, service and engage with other people or business. – https://www.aileensoul.com