How to Promote a Product - Reviews & Giveaways

Gone are the days when publishing an article about your products every day could guarantee loads of traffic.

These days, you need to be more creative.

So in this tutorial, I’d like to talk about how to get more exposure for your products using two underrated marketing techniques: product reviews and giveaways.

How powerful are these strategies?

Exclusive Bonus: Download this list of script for every occasion including welcome emails, promotion email, followup email, and even breakup emails.

Proof 1. When Josh Earl launched a giveaway that went viral, he generated almost 200k leads in just 11 days.

According to him, that’s an email list growth of 3,418% in less than 2 weeks!

Proof 2. When Bryan Harris replicated Earl’s strategy and launched a giveaway of his own, he managed to get more than 2.2k email subscribers in just 10 days!

Let’s dive into how you can replicate these tactics with NinjaOutreach then.

The following tutorial works whether you’re looking for giveaways, product reviews—even guest post opportunities.

Just modify your keywords to suit your purpose.

How to find prospects who do product reviews & giveaways method 1

In this method, you can search straight from within the platform and use NinjaOutreach built-in filters.

  • Go to Prospecting > Find Leads
  • Type your keyword “email marketing tool,”
  • Click the advanced filter icon, and
  • Click All Featured Pages.

Choose what type of post you’re after; in this case, Product Reviews.

Alternatively, you can also run a search without using the filter.

Just use [Your Topic] Review.

How to find prospects who do product reviews & giveaways method 2

This method will provide slightly different results from the first one, so it’s worth trying both approaches.

Now, whether you choose to use NinjaOutreach Prospecting or go straight to Google’s search engine engine, you can run your search using various combinations of these search operators:

[Your-Topic] inurl:/review/
Ex. email-marketing inurl:/review/

[Your-Topic] inurl:category/review/
Ex. email-marketing inurl:category/review/

[Your-Topic] intitle:reviews
Ex. email-marketing intitle:reviews

So for example, here’s how you can search through NinjaOutreach.

Go to Prospecting > Promotion Opportunities

And here’s a search via Google

Variations of the above can work well for the following words:

  • [Product Reviews] - review, reviews, product review, product reviews, product-review, product-reviews
  • [Giveaways] - giveaway, giveaways

Whatever purpose you may have, you can do variations of your searches like these:

  • email-marketing inurl:/product-review/
  • email-marketing inurl:category/giveaways/
  • email-marketing intitle:giveaway

Now for example, if you want to find websites that hosted a marketing giveaway, you can do a search like this:

If you want to find websites that wrote a product review about another competitor tool, you can try this query:

If you want websites that do product reviews for marketing software, you can try a search like this:

Now, let’s say you want to find all the websites that linked to one of your competitors, but you don’t want your competitor’s URL to show up in any of the results.

Here’s a query you can use:

If you search via Google, you can load the links to your NinjaOutreach chrome extension, manually review the results, then add the leads to your list.

Here are step-by-step instructions for:

I you do your search in the NinjaOutreach Prospecting tab, you can simply review and add to your list from within the app.

How to find prospects for giveaways

This method will let you replicate Bryan Harris’s own steps much faster with the help of NinjaOutreach.

First, choose a giveaway that’s highly desirable for your target audience.

For example, if you’re a food blogger with a primary focus on organic cooking, you should win over your target subscribers with a Whole Foods gift card.

If you’re a fitness blogger, offer a gym membership for a year.

If you’re a beauty blogger, offer a limited edition beauty kit or a Sephora gift card.

You get the picture.

In this case, let’s say you are a marketing blogger and you’re thinking of doing an email marketing tool giveaway to your audience of marketers, business owners, and agencies—a set of professionals for which email marketing is an essential.

Second, pick a prize from a well-known company so you can piggyback on their authority.

To do that, Google for “[Keyword] + [Service]”.

Once you have a good set of prospects, simply import the results into your NinjaOutreach list.

Here’s how.

Once done importing, go to your NinjaOutreach web app, find this particular list, and sort the saved prospects by a number of shares or followers.

The higher the the better.

This way, you’ll see the most popularly shared or followed email marketing service provider in your niche.

Say, out of all these prospects, you’ve finally chosen to do a giveaway for the popular email marketing tool, Mailchimp.

What’s next? Getting your giveaway copy ready.

Crafting copy for your giveaway

You can get ideas by taking a look at other popular giveaways.

The more popular they are, the better.

To do that, you can head to giveaway listing sites and get ideas from the most popular giveaway headlines.

In Bryan’s example:

Finally, when it comes to crafting giveaway copy, Bryan had this tip:

Tip: Write and grade each hook you craft for each offer using these 3 criteria:

  • Is it coveted by your audience?
  • Will the headline of your giveaway turn heads?
  • Is the prize owner likely to share your giveaway?

Whatever gets the highest score shall be your product giveaway.

With that in mind, say you end up with this copy:

“Win a One Decade Subscription to MailChimp!”

A popular email marketing tool, and a big subscription.

Could be quite catchy.

So now you have your product giveaway and your copy.

The next thing to tackle is a promotion.

After all, how can a product giveaway be effective if nobody knows about it?

How to promote your product giveaways with NinjaOutreach

In a nutshell, you need to:

  • Look for top influencers and bloggers who’ve written or promoted anything related to your giveaway before.
  • Make a list of prospects for each category.
  • Conduct outreach.

How to find prospects to help promote your giveaway

To find social influencer profiles who can help promote your giveaway, just go to Prospecting > Social Influencers

Then, type in your niche keyword.

You can also search for all the blogs that have written about email marketing.

Just go to Prospecting > Most Shared Content and use variations of your niche keyword.

For ex. Email marketing tool, email marketing tools, top email marketing tools, best email marketing tools, etc.

You can also conduct the search via Google using advanced search operators and just import the right prospects into your list.

Here’s more on how to import search results from Google and into your NinjaOutreach account.

Now, even if you nailed the niche (email marketing / email marketing tool), not all people may think your giveaway product (MailChimp) is so great, and this might lower the chances of them promoting it.

So to up your chances, create another list of prospects consisting of bloggers who’ve written, interviewed, promoted, or shared anything about your product within the last three to five months.

Just go to

  • Prospecting
  • Most Shared Content or Prospecting
  • Promotion Opportunities.

Type your topic keyword and use the Advanced Filter to make separate searches for:

  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Posts
  • Interviews
  • Podcast and
  • Resource pages.

Doing this separately could give different results compared to not using any filter, so it’s worth trying different approaches.

Alternatively, without using any page filters, go to Content Prospecting and use variations of queries such as these:

  • Best [Your Topic] + intext:[Your Giveaway Product]
    Ex. “best email marketing tools intext:MailChimp”
  • [Your Giveaway Product] + product review
    Ex.“MailChimp product review”
  • [Your Giveaway Product] + [Your topic] + review”
    Ex. “MailChimp email marketing tool review”
  • [Your topic] + roundup + intext:[Your Giveaway Product]
    Ex. “Email marketing tool roundup intext:MailChimp”

Just add any of the prospects that fit into your new list.

Doing the outreach

Before doing any outreach, make sure to integrate your email first.

Next, learn how to send emails and set up outreach campaigns in NinjaOutreach.

Now, all you need is a script.

Below are two examples of outreach scripts that you can take ideas from or modify.

The first is one of our preset templates in the app, and the other is what Bryan Harris actually used in his giveaway campaign.

  • Example Product Review Script from NinjaOutreach
  • Example Giveaway Script by Bryan Harris

Once you have your scripts ready, here’s how to set up an outreach campaign.

Once your campaign is running, learn how to manage your campaign and your prospect relationships.

And there you have it.

Hope this helped you put together some of your own product promotion campaign ideas.

As always, feel free to reach out to our Support Ninjas if you hit some snags along the way.

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager for NinjaOutreach. She is in charge of content writing, co-editing, and developing the strategy for the NinjaOutreach blog.

Product Update: New Blogger Plan Pricing | What You Need to Know

We heard you wanted improved performance, better features, and fewer bugs.

So, over the past couple of months, we worked hard to deliver exactly that.

Now, each year, improvements to the app have been accompanied by a pricing increase.

But this year, we decided to make only a modest increase to our Blogger Plan from $49 to $69, effective May 17, 2017, for new users ONLY, so that we can continue bringing you these needed upgrades, faster, at an affordable price.

Again, the updated pricing is only for new users.

So, if you’re already signed up, then you can continue giving us feedback and enjoying the tool at your current price point.

What’s In It For You?

We have always taken pride in our transparency as a company; so, when we do these pricing adjustments, we want to show you your money’s worth.

Below are some of the new features that you can expect soon.

New NinjaOutreach Features 2017

  • Redesigned Prospect Cards
    We’ve heavily redesigned our prospect cards, and here’s what changed:

      • No more info overload. New prospect cards now only display Location and Email.
    • If you hover over the card, you can see more information like Profile, Relationships, Sent Emails, and RSS.
      This cleans up the interface while significantly reducing the number of clicks you need to make.
    • You can view and edit your prospect’s information much faster with the now more accessible Edit button.
    • The search bar for Relationships now features predictive search in the drop-down menu. As you know, we have a set of premade Relationships labels that you can take to manage your prospects.But due to the volume of these labels, it can sometimes be hard to search for and choose one. Now you can start typing directly into the Relationship box like so, and our app will show the closest options. If you find nothing that applies to your project, you can create a new Relationship label by simply typing into the same Relationship bar like so.
    • You can now use the shortcut CTRL/SHIFT + Click to easily select prospects. You can select the entire prospect card (doing so turns the whole card blue) and still do other tasks without the card getting deselected.
  • Server Side Filtering
    • Our search tool can now display ALL the results of a single keyword search instead of just 5k.
    • For example: Previously, if you made a search and got 2k results, then apply some filters (location, the number of followers, etc) to those, you end up with significantly fewer results.
    • Why? This is because our tool would have filtered ONLY from those 2k results it generated.
    • So, here’s what we did: we implemented continuous pagination (similar to Google search results display) so you’ll get more comprehensive results from your keyword even after applying a filter.
    • If you search for “marketing” now, you will get over 8k pages with 20 results on each page – that’s about 80k in total!
  • Reactivated Email Notifications
    • We reactivated email notifications to let you know when prospects have replied. You can easily turn this feature on/off in the Settings page.
  • Pulling Message History from Contact Forms
    • In the past, any emails going to and from contact forms get lost.
    • But now, you can track emails you send via Contact Forms.
    • Let’s say you have a prospect that you can only connect with via a contact form. Turning this new feature on will add a reference ID, visible to the recipient (your prospect), at the end of the email template.
    • Once you receive a reply, the app will instantly match that to the correct prospect based on the reference ID, thus allowing you to track email history easily.
  • Redesigned List Management
    • You will notice a few subtle changes to our List Management.
    • When hovered, the list card will change color and display info for the number of emails sent over the total number of emails in the campaign. It should look like this.
    • We repositioned the Create a List button from the end to now appear at the start of the list for more intuitive movement around the app.
    • You can now reorder individual lists according to your preference.
  • Fixed and Reduced Bugs
    • We work hard day and night to maintain a smooth-running app and in April, we reported 50% fewer bugs compared to the previous 3 months.
    • Our goal is to report 66% fewer bugs by June.

New Upcoming Features

We are also working on adding these exciting new features:

  • Redesigned Autosending Experience
    Some updates:

    • We’ve simplified our autosending board to only display the information you need at a glance such as a campaign name and campaign status. No more TMI!
    • You can now see all the steps in the autosending feature to give you better control over the entire process. Previously, the process was largely hidden, feeding you each step one-by-one.
    • We also added a Check Prospects pop-up to allow you to include/exclude prospects with missing fields, unverified or bounced emails, and prospects emailed in past campaigns.
    • Soon, we will also roll out improved segmentation, where you can customize your email campaigns by using more specific placeholders. For example, you can set up something where you can choose to send only to prospects in, say, “List #1”, with the tags “Influencer”, and set a status of “Blogger agreed to share”.
    • You can enable/disable the email verifications feature to avoid disrupting ongoing campaigns. Right now, our email verification feature stops campaigns (without notifying you first) when it detects unverified email addresses. We’re fixing this problem by automatically launching your campaign once the verification is done so you don’t have to worry about doing manual relaunches again.
    • You can now rename your campaigns according to your preference.
  • Segmented Content Prospecting
    • We realized our current Content Prospecting tool is displaying too much information upfront, making it more confusing instead of helpful.
    • We are working to improve the experience. Soon, we will launch more properly segmented searches that are focused on each user’s need.
    • What we’re going to do is divide the search into four categories targeted to each particular case that you might need them for: (1) Finding the most shared content, (2) finding leads, (3) finding promotion opportunities, and (4) finding influencers.
    • The search results, options, and the information on the cards will vary depending on which case you choose. So instead of showing you ALL the info ALL the time, we’ll show you only the results that correspond to your specific use case.
    • For example, if you are looking for “most shared content”, you will receive search results related to most shared topics, most shared websites, etc.
    • Likewise, if you're looking for promotion opportunities, you will receive search results related to guest posting or product reviews, and so on.

We Want to Make Your Life Easier

So there you have it! We hope these new features will help you create more successful campaigns and we are always happy to improve our app to serve you better.

If you still have any questions about these updates, don’t hesitate to drop us a message via our Live Chat!

How to Use Moz OSE for Competitor Research and Link Building

Are you using Moz OSE backlink checker as a tool for developing a high quality inbound link profile for your website?

Did you know how nicely it plays with NinjaOutreach?

There will be 2 sections in this article, each of which will have a step-by-step procedure on the basics to guide you accordingly.

  1. Finding backlinks with Moz backlink checker and exporting them as a CSV
  2. Importing them into NinjaOutreach to get contact information

Why Use Both Moz OSE And NinjaOutreach?

You might be wondering why you want to even use these tools together, or, how?

Firstly, Moz OSE (free of charge within limits) is great for the following:

  • Finding backlinks to a website

NinjaOutreach is great for the following:

  • Taking a website and finding contact information
  • Running an outreach campaign
  • Finding influencers

So, possible use cases for Moz OSE and NinjaOutreach could be:

  1. Competitor Research: Finding all of the websites that link to your competitors and outreaching to them to get yourself noticed/featured as well.
  2. Scaling Your Outreach: Say you have a group of 100 leads, use Moz OSE to find who is linking to those, import them into NinjaOutreach, and you can very well grow your outreach campaign by hundreds if not thousands (websites within the same niche often link to each other).
  3. Broken Link Building: If you have found a broken link, find out who is linking to it with Moz OSE, and then use NinjaOutreach to run an outreach campaign to replace the broken link with your resource.

Make sense? Now let's execute!

Section 1: Finding backlinks with Moz OSE and exporting them as a CSV

Enter the website's URL, of which you want to find backlinks.


Select the link type, for example, ‘only follow’.


Request a CSV.


Download the CSV.


Open the CSV file and copy all the URLs.


You now have all of the URL backlinks to your source URL. You can focus purely on ones that are follow, or have a particular domain authority.

Now you are going to import them into NinjaOutreach to collect contact information.

Section 2: Importing into NinjaOutreach

Full Tutorial: Here

    1. Log-in to the NinjaOutreach webapp
    2. Go to the List Management tab
    3. Click on "Import"


    1. Click on submit websites


  1. Paste the URLs that you copied on section 1 here

You will get a csv file within 24 hours after you submit the URLs on the webapp, filled with additional information on the domain, including contact information. Now you will want to finish creating a list out of that CSV.

    1. Download CSV file sent to you.
    2. Go to the List Management tab
    3. Create a List


    1. Click on Import (the button at the top right when on the list management tab).
    2. Fill in the details. Select the list you have just created and NinjaOutreach as the format provider.


You now have a list of backlinks, in NinjaOutreach, with contact information. Depending on your campaign goals, you are going to want to compose your template and begin your outreach.

Additional Reading:

How To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

So you want to promote your Crowdfunding campaign!

You've developed your story, written and shot a video script, showcased photos of your product, built a website and crunched your numbers.

Now it's time to get out there. But how?

Crowdfunding campaigns are fundamentally different than most outreach campaigns for two reasons:

  1. They have a real (short) time window. You have X amount of days to get the project funded, otherwise, it's over.
  2. Linkbuilding doesn't make sense. At least not in the traditional sense, because you don't own the asset (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc).

In short, what you're really looking for is a lot of traffic to your landing page, asap. So here is what we advise in regards to using NinjaOutreach.

Create Your Hit List

First off! What's your campaign about? A product? A service? Something new? Or something that has already been invented but you do it in a much cooler way? You'll have to define what your product/service exactly is and find alternatives for it.

For example, If you've made an incredible type of shoes that charge your phone as you walk. You may as well search for bloggers, influencers & people using keywords like:

  • "tech gadgets"
  • "technology"
  • "love tech"
  • "phone battery"
  • "smartphone"
  • "tech sport"
  • "iPhone"
  • "IoT"
  • "charging devices"
  • "tech marketing"
  • "internet blogging"
  • "crowdfunding"


Now that you have a list of keywords which you can target, we recommend creating two groups for your outreach:

  1. Interested consumers - These are people who might directly be interested in the campaign, but they themselves don't naturally have a large audience (outside of perhaps their own peer group).
  2. Bloggers with those consumers as their audience - These are bloggers who may or may not be interested themselves, but certainly speak to people who you believe are interested.

To explain how this difference comes into play, let's continue with our Shoe Campaign analogy.

For the first group, I might simply be looking for people who "love technology", despite the fact that they might not profess in their bio that they are a blogger.


For the second group, I could explicitly be looking for bloggers. The difference here is that I will remove the word love to focus on the general niche and then utilize the tags beneath the search for "blogger" and potentially "influencer".

If you aren't finding enough results, consider removing the influencer tag or trying a broader keyword.


Retracing Other Campaigns!

In addition to what you have found in NinjaOutreach, you can find sources of people who wrote about other crowdfunding campaigns that are related to your product / niche (and then reach out to them yourself).

To do this besides the usual Google search, use Google Image search. Just take a photo from a similar campaign and upload it to Google.

Then Google will display all the media, blogs & newspapers that have covered that campaign. You can use this ultimate guide tutorial to load the Google results in bulk through our import!


Or visit the sites and use the Ninja Outreach Chrome Extension in order to save them to your account.


This way you'll create a faster outreach campaign filled with people who have, in the past, covered similar types of campaigns.

Remember to change the Relationship with each contact in Your Prospects so you don't loose track.

Writing Your Templates!

It is difficult to come up with a form template for all crowdfunding campaigns, because they are all so unique and highly customized.

We recommend reading this exceptional crowdfunding case study, from which this template is shown, to give you an idea of what you *could* write.

crowdfunding template

Following that, use these outreach tips from our knowledge base to manage the execution aspect of the campaign!


Note: This video below is outdated but can still be used as a reference as some functions are similar. 

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New Feature: Inbox Mode! A New Way To Manage Your Outreach Campaigns

For the last two weeks we've been working on a new feature available for all plans that is going to make managing an outreach campaign SO much easier.

Inbox Mode

Let's first start with the problem we're trying to solve:

The Problem With Managing Outreach Campaigns

NinjaOutreach is a great tool for email outreach. You can load a list, select custom templates, and send out emails with ease.

Additionally, through the use of filters in Outreach Mode, you can

  • Filter which prospects need to be followed up with
  • Filter which prospects have opened or clicked an email
  • Filter prospects with unread replies to reply directly to those conversations

This is all part of Outreach Mode and it's what makes it more effective than using your traditional mail client.

But there was something a bit messy about ongoing management of your outreach, whether in NinjaOutreach or in your mail client.

For example, accessing a conversation between a prospect required you to go several levels deep, first finding the prospect after filtering, then clicking message history, then finding the thread, and then replying.

Multiply this times 50 prospect conversations, and you have some real inefficiencies on your hand.

And your mail client, I doubt, is much better, for several reasons:

  • Your inbox is likely filled with non prospects, which just adds unnecessary confusion to your campaigns.
  • Most message threads are difficult to read when the history becomes several threads deep.
  • It's not tied to any of your prospect information like notes or tags

In short, your mail client is not effective for managing an outreach campaign, and NinjaOutreach (until now), was not as effective at managing it as it should be.

So we put pen to paper and came up with a specialized view.

What we wanted was a centralized place, in which you could see your active messages, pretty much like an outreach inbox - so that's what we built.

Inbox mode is an in-app inbox specifically for conversations with your prospects. It is not a place to do outreach at scale from (that's still Outreach Mode), but a view in which you can more efficiently handle active conversations, new messages, and replies.

Here's what it looks like:

manage inbox form ninjaoutreach

The left are the message threads. The center is the message history and template editor, and the right is the information on the prospect.

Inbox mode currently has three settings, which you can filter on in the top left drop down:

  • New Messages - These are all of your new, unread messages from prospects. You should look at these to see which conversations you need to follow up with.  
  • Sent Messages - These are all of your sent emails. 
  • Conversations - These are all threads that have a conversation between you and your prospect.

You can easily read these chains like a history, and send new replies, much quicker than you could before.

ninjaoutreach inbox

As usual, everything is automatically synced to your email so if you reply in the software it will show in your usual mail client, and vice versa.

How Do I Access Inbox Mode?

Accessing Inbox Mode is super simple.

  1. Go to Outreach Mode
  2. Confirm that your email address is integrated (if you don't see a call to action to integrate it at the top, it's integrated)
  3. Click the blue button called "Inbox" to the left of the filter button

manage inbox outreach campaigns

How is Inbox Mode Different From Outreach Mode?

Outreach mode is for sending emails at scale to a specific list.

We have automated emailing, which makes outreach more effective in NinjaOutreach and is a necessitate having a centralized Inbox in the tool even more so.

Inbox Mode is for viewing active conversations and replying/following up.

So, what do you think of Inbox Mode and what features would you like to see added?

New Features: Chrome Extension, Message Alerts, Contact Form Submitting

Hi Ninjas!

We have some juicy new updates to share that are going to improve the way you add bloggers to a list from the web, manage your message inbox, and track your templates.

Here's what's new:

NinjaOutreach Chrome Extension Synced To Web App

Our free Chrome Extension Download link has been synced to the desktop application for pro accounts since we released it and it has been surprisingly complicated to make the switch.

But we've finally done it.

Now you can use the Chrome Extension with your NinjaOutreach Web Application account. This allows you to add bloggers to a list as you browse. Just select the list you want (or create a new one) and click "Add to List":

Ninjaoutreach Chrome extension in action

The blogger will be added to your list in the web app, instantly.

You can also access your web app templates to send emails to the bloggers or send through their contact form.

send email from contact form page

All you have to do is download the free extension, and add your email address and license key, which is on your settings tab.

Alternative Ninjaoutreach Chrome Extension Download page

Unfortunately, we could not make it sync to both, so if you were using it for the desktop app you will want to migrate over.

Send Through Contact Form

Now that the Chrome Extension is synced to the web app, if you install it, it will give you the ability to send through to contact forms.

First, for each template you should configure your contact form settings. These are the standard fields that you normally fill into a contact form URL. Select a default template as well that will work for all of the templates so you don't have to do them individually (on the contrary, you can fill in contact form fields individually for each template).

Autofill info for contact form

Next, when you are in Outreach Mode, after you load a template, you can click the button "Send Contact Form".

send through contact form

If the prospect has a contact URL it will open that page and load the template into it with your default fields.

Message Alerts

Wouldn't it be nice if you got an alert in NinjaOutreach every time a prospect had replied back to one of your outreach messages?

Now you can!

We are tracking your sent emails and looking for unread replies from prospects. If we find anything, we'll notify you in the top right of your application (you must have your Gmail synced for this).

Inbox and Other alerts

This is especially useful if the account you send outreach from is not one that you monitor closely.

Once you see an alert, you can click on it and you'll be taken to Outreach Mode, where you can send a reply.

Template Tracking (Sents, Opens, Clicks)

We are now tracking templates so you can see how effective they are at getting opened and having users click on them. They are to the right of each template:

sent tracking

All tracking is unique, so, if a prospect opens the email twice it will count once. Similarly if they click multiple links in a template (or a link multiple times), it will also count as one. This will give you an accurate way to compare different templates.

For example, you can infer:

  • Which subject lines are the most effective (highest open rate)
  • Which link placements are getting the most clicks (highest click rate)
  • Which outreach templates are sending the most traffic (highest open rate * highest click rate)

And focus on the ones that are delivering the best numbers!

If you want to, you can turn off click tracking on the template create pop up.

What do you think of these new features?

NEW Features - Live Import And Message History!

My favorite posts are the ones in which we launch new features, and this is going to be one of them.

Our strategy with product development has been to go after big value-adds; features that will dramatically change/improve the way you use the software.

This will mean at times we might only have one major announcement per month, but we promise it will be a good one.

Mind you, a lot of little fixes are going on all the time. In fact the app changes almost daily, but it's rare that you'd notice it.

Here's how we went BIG in September.

Live Import

live importAlthough we have had an advanced import for two months now, allowing you to import a CSV and match up fields with NinjaOutreach, many people have noted that the software does not crawl the websites.

What we do instead is if we have the website in our database, we will provide additional information along with the import.

Unfortunately, many times we don't have the website, so you just get out what you put in.

However, we have just added a textbox as part of the import in which you can now submit websites (up to 1k per request) and live import list of urls.

These websites get sent to our system internally, and we will spit out a NinjaOutreach file that contains dozens of additional columns like contact page URL, email, name, domain authority, and more.

This file is sent to your email and you can choose to do what you want with it, or import it into your account very simply via the following import directions.

Advanced Email Management

We've been working on making NinjaOutreach more robust as an outreach tool and have made some HUGE improvements in this area.

And I'm pretty sure what we have planned to release in October is going to knock your socks off.

But let's start with what's out - now.

Message History

We are now pulling sent and received messages to each prospect, so you can see a full message history of your correspondence.

This works whether emails are sent or received from the software OR in the mail client, so you can choose to carry on the conversation where you want.

If the last message is a reply to you will we label the thread green. If it is a sent email by you it will be white.

Lastly, we are grouping all threads together that are the same chain, and then separating chains via grey boxes, so it is clear what is going on if you are having multiple conversations with the prospect.

message history from Inside NinjaOutreach

Send As Emails (integrating with non Gmail accounts)

While NinjaOutreach's email system is based on a Gmail integration, we now have a means through which you can use any other email account in Outreach Mode. For example, I can send emails from [email protected]

Send As Emails from NinjaOutreach

Here's a separate tutorial on how you do that.

It essentially involves creating a Send As email in your Gmail client, which is very simple to do.

Auto Tagging/Filtering

Now that we have message history we also have gone through the courtesy of tagging replies for you.

When we come across a reply you will not see it in the filter.

Auto Tagging/Filtering of NinjaOutreach

Reply From The Software

NinjaOutreach now functions like an inbox. You can receive messages AND reply to them all from within the software. This means you don't have to exit the software to go into your email client.

Reply form inside NinaOutreach

The reply will automatically append to the message chain in Gmail, just like a normal reply.

So what do you think of these new upgrades?

How to Do Broken Link Building Using Link Building Outreach

Broken link building is an age old practice that requires you to find “broken links” aka links that go to 404 pages or no longer work.

Once you find them, you can reach out to webmasters who are linking to them, and see if they will replace their broken link with your helpful, active link.

Generally, it is a long and tedious process.

We’re going to show you how to speed it up with NinjaOutreach.

Identifying Potential Targets For Broken Links

Let’s say you wrote a post about email marketing, and you want to find other email marketing posts with broken links in them (or that are broken links themselves).

Start by running a search in the Content Prospecting tab of NinjaOutreach for the term “email marketing”


You can choose to filter on things like Domain Authority to focus only on high quality pages, or simply save all the results to a list.


Go to the List Management tab, and export that list.

Potential Targets For Broken Links2

Open it up in a Google Doc or Excel

Google Doc or Excel

Checking For Broken Links - Method 1

As far as free tools go, there are 404 bulk checer online, but they generally limit how many URLs you can do at once.

Take this one for example, which allows up to 50.

The column we are interested in checking is URL or column E.

Let’s check 50.

Bulk Response checker for Broken Link Building

You can check the results and sort by response so that the No Responses are grouped together. These are broken links:

Tag that link in your spreadsheet as broken.

Checking For Broken Links - Method 2

Another quick way to find broken links is to go to the post URLs themselves and use this 404 checker, which will scan the page for broken links.

Link building outreach script check

There is a good chance if the article is about your topic, then there will be relevant links in it about your topic as well, and if they are broken, they will be good prospects.

With method 1 and method 2 combined, you have a useful strategy of checking all the posts for broken links.

Finding Inbound Links To Those Broken Links

You have just found a broken link, now you need to find who is linking to it, and then you can inform them they are linking to a broken website.

Per method 2, if you found a broken link in someone’s post, you can simply target the webmaster of that post. Easy.

However if you have a broken link but you didn’t find it from a post URL, you can use a link research tool to find inbound links.

For that, you can use a tool like Moz, Ahrefs, or Majestic. Here’s an example with Moz’s OpenSiteExplorer:


The links featured below are inbound links to a broken website. You can now export those links, and import them into NinjaOutreach so that you can reach out to the webmaster.

We have a direct template set up for Moz to make it easy:


But there are other ways to import as well:

Importing The Links Into NinjaOutreach

You can import links into NinjaOutreach's web app. Go to the "List Management" tab, click the top right blue "Import" button, and click on "Click here to submit websites".

This will send the websites internally where they will be crawled and returned to you with contact info, SEO metrics, etc. You will receive an email notification when your websites are crawled and are ready in your list.
Here is the full tutorial on how to do that: Importing in the web app


Outreaching To Webmasters

Before doing the outreach, you will have to integrate your email.

Now that you have some targets you just need a script to reach out to them. Here is a sample link building outreach script:

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How to Promote Content & View Post Sharers with Ninja Outreach

There are some content promotion best practices that everyone should be doing - but isn’t.

The reason is that after you’ve spent hours writing a post, you can’t be bothered to do outreach to promote it.

Here we’re going to show you how you can more easily promote your content with the help of NinjaOutreach.

Before that, however, I am going to recommend two strategies that can easily be adapted from what you'll read below:

Identifying Promotion Targets

There are really two promotion targets for a post:

  1. People who have been featured in the post itself
  2. People who we believe might be interested in sharing the post

Outreach To People Who Have Shared A Similar Post

One group of people who might be interested in sharing your post are people who have shared a similar post. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify a post or post(s) that are similar to the one you have written. For example, if you wrote a post on Email Marketing, you can search our database for articles related to Email Marketing.
  2. Once you have some posts, choose the ones that have been shared the most. You can tell this by looking at our Shared column. Higher numbers mean more shares.
  3. Click the blue View Sharers button that is in that row. This will reveal the people who have shared that post.
  4. Add these people to a list, this is your outreach list of people who have shared similar posts.


Let's say I identified that this post is similar to one I have written:

Now I can search for it in our database, using the Content Prospecting (no live search):

content outreach using view sharers

Finally, I can click the View Shares button, which reveals over 50 people who have shared this article, who we can reach out to.


Outreach To People Who Have Been Featured In The Post Itself

The easiest targets are people who have been featured in the post itself. Let’s start by extracting the links of people who have been featured in the post:

Using The Link Extractor

Little known fact - we have a link extractor tool.

It works in two ways:

  1. Put in the post URL and get all the links on the page (this will be all the links on the page including comments, nav menu, etc). It can be a bit messy but also helpful.
  2. Put in select HTML and get the links that fall in that.

In short, if you’re just looking to get the links off the content, you can copy the page source HTML and put that into the tool.

  1. Right click
  2. Select View Page Source
  3. Identify where the content starts (Ctrl F and type in the first sentence)
  4. Identify where it ends (same as above, last sentence)
  5. Copy it and put it in the tool, hit extract, and you’ll get all the links in the content

Importing The Links Into NinjaOutreach

You can import links into NinjaOutreach's web app. Head to the "List Management" tab, click the blue "Import" button at the top right, and then click on "Click here to submit websites".

This will send the websites internally where they will be crawled and returned to you with contact info, SEO metrics, etc. Remember not to paste more than 1000 URLs at a time and paste one URL per line. You will receive an email notification when your websites are crawled and ready in your list.

Here is the full tutorial on how to do that: Importing in the web app

Outreaching To People Featured In The Post Via Email

Before doing the outreach, you will have to integrate your email.

You can now send emails to people who have been featured in the post. Here’s a script that we like to use:

Outreaching To People Featured In The Post On Social Media

At the time of writing this article we haven’t developed the Twitter Outreach platform. It’s schedule for sometime in January.

That said, you can certainly export the list you have and you’ll get their social media profiles, which allows you to reach out to them on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

A tweet that I like to send it

@username - you’re featured in (post title) - ( link)

Outreaching To People NOT Featured In The Post Via Email

Let’s say someone isn’t in the post, but we think they might be interested in reading it.

Brian Dean calls this outreach strategy the Content Roadshow (recommended read), where basically you identify a list of influencers and send them an email, asking if they’d be interested in checking it out:

Identifying relevant influencers for any topic has been discussed here:

The outreach scripts that Brian recommends are:


Content Outreach Template #1: Reach Out With a “Feeler” Email


Content Outreach Template #2: Follow Up and Send Your Content (after they reply with a “yes”)


Note: This video below is outdated but can still be used as a reference as some functions are similar. 

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