Earn 50% Monthly Recurring Commissions For Each Customer You Refer!


Welcome, fellow Ninja,
Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program.

My name is Evgen, and I’m the coordinator of the NinjaOutreach affiliate program. Let me give you a quick walkthrough.

Affiliate Program Info

Our affiliate program incorporates 2 products:

NinjaOutreach Software:

NinjaOutreach: An all-purpose influencer marketing tool.
It comprises of 4 subscription plans where every user is billed on a monthly basis.
Affiliate Earnings: 50% Monthly recurring commissions for each customer you refer.

Ninja Academy:

A highly detailed educational course where we’ve taken 12 months of real growth and distilled it into a 12-week crash course.
It comprises of 3 access courses where every client is billed on a single charge.
Affiliate Earnings: 50% commission on a single client charge for each customer you refer.


If you want to register to be a NinjaOutreach affiliate partner, you can do so here. Please, read the Affiliate Terms of Service first.


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After your registration, you’ll be given access to promotional resources. This material will familiarize you with the different ways to earn revenue through various ways of promoting NinjaOutreach.

Note: If you don’t receive the information mentioned above in your email, please reach out to [email protected]

For existing affiliates, you can still use the old affiliate platform: OSI Tracker