EP#59 How to Make Readers Crave for More Content

Bryan Hutchinson has a true passion for writing to the point where I think it might be an obsession (in a good way) as I talked to him through today’s interview, it became really clear that the craft of being able to weave words into stories and evoke emotions in his readers wasn’t just a hobby but more like his life's work.

And you know that’s the sort of energy we look for here at the NinjaOutreach Podcast

In todays interview you will learn

  • How to summon your inner writing voice
  • How pretty much anyone with a passion for their topic can become an amazing writer
  • He also drills down into a process that allows you to create sticky and captivating content that will have your readers craving for more.
  • Plus Bryan shows us his unique methods to using online communities in the right way to get a ton of exposure and build a loyal fan base who are always happy to put the word out about your content.
  • How to keep your mind right in the beginning stages when it seems like your not going anywhere and what to focus on to speed up your ability to get results.
  • He also gives some off-the-wall ways to build new (and maintain) strong relationships with key people in your industry.

Being that what you write and how you write it is such an important factor in today’s online world this interview will give you the insights to hit the ground running and really make an impact while sharing your message.

If this interview has added value to your day say thanks by sharing your thoughts in the comments below