How To Find Influential Guests For Podcast, Interview, And Post With Ninja Outreach

Every one wants to find influential guests for their podcast who are interesting to work with. But finding a guest who are also influential week after week can be difficult.

Luckily, we have a solution:

Using The Social Search To Find Influencers

For this we recommend using the social search, because it searches into our database of Twitter influencers, which has millions of people to choose from.

Twitter is great because the data is very clean and the simple metric of number of followers is useful to sort out who has a decent following and can drive results for your podcast and be interesting to your audience.

Consider a simple search, such as “email marketing

You could also do something like email marketing expert

Additionally, we have some great filters that could be useful, specifically “influencer”

Influencer - someone with a large following (>3k Twitter followers)

For example, I can target my email marketing query by influencers

If you want, you can sort by follower count. Just hit the column header and it will rank the highest followed accounts first.

Outreaching To Podcast Guests

Before doing the outreach, you will have to integrate your email.

If you’re looking to invite people to your podcast, you want to convey the value of them to be on your podcast.

Here’s an example script:


Note: This video below is outdated but you can still use it as a reference as some functions are still similar.

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