How to Do an Expert Roundup Blog Post with Ninja Outreach

Expert roundup is the form of article that has helped us to drive traffic to our blog in the past , and creating an expert roundup has just become a whole lot easier with NinjaOutreach.

Here are two examples we’ve done ourselves:

Each has over 250 shares.

What Is An Expert Round Up?

If you’re not familiar with what an expert round up is, I’d recommend reading these posts on how to run one:

These will explain how to come up with a killer topic, find influencers, build the post, and promote it like crazy.

What we’re going to focus on are the key elements in which NinjaOutreach can help you expedite the expert round up process.

How To Find Influencers In NinjaOutreach

We’ve already covered extensively how to go about finding influencers in NinjaOutreach and it’s fundamentally no different this time around.

In short, between the content prospecting and social prospecting tabs, you can find the influencers you need in your niche, and filter on key metrics to make sure they have a large following and will drive you traffic.

Tips For Outreach Management For An Expert Round Up Post

What you need are some good outreach tips and scripts.

But before we get into the scripts, let me just discuss a few different outreach management tips the software will help with.

#1 Create A Dedicated List

Create a list specific to the expert round up. I like adding a tag for the deadline of the response, just so I remember and it’s always in my face.


Once you have that list, the rest of the magic happens in the Your Prospects tab.

#2  Outreach and expect the follow-up

We provide a followup in your notifications bar, so you know who to politely nudge to get their reply in by the deadline. This will nicely coincide with the deadline date, which should be about a few days (3-7-14)  in advance of the first email.

You can filter by it in the :

finding opportunity for doing an expert roundup

#3 Bulk Tag No Response

Start with bulk tagging everyone to no response. This way you will have that tag as a filter as well.

You can do that by first pressing the “Select All” button at the top, and then pressing “Bulk Edit”.


Later on, when you want to follow up, you can do a filter on the tag (no response), and the follow up due (or email sent), and you’ll have everyone you need.

Bulk Edit

#4 Tag Positive Responses

By tagging the positives responses as they come in, you can easily filter by them later on and you’ll know exactly who to reach out to once the post is published.

Here’s adding the tag in the edit form - you can easily overwrite the no response tag:

Tag Positive Responses

And here’s filtering by it so you know who to follow up with when the post is live:


Recommended Outreach Scripts For Expert Rounds Ups

OK, so you have a nice way to manage your outreach. Now you need some scripts to send. Here’s a collect of some good ones:

Initial Outreach Scripts


Source: From Brian’s article on Boost Blog Traffic

Source: From NinjaOutreach’s Own Scripts

Follow Up Templates After The Post Is Published

Source: From Brian’s article on Boost Blog Traffic

Source: From NinjaOutreach’s Own Follow Ups *Reply to original email*

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