Expert Roundups Service

Enhances your blog with large-scale expert roundups to generate tons of social shares from featured experts.

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How it works?



We help you find out the specific needs of your target market



We will define hot topics and questions, build rapport, and connect with experts.



We follow up, compile, and format answers for publishing.



We publish, inform experts to share, and promote the final expert roundup post.

Large database of influencers in any niche and country

Because we are an Influencer Outreach specialist, we have strong relationships with a massive network of high authoritative influencers in any niche so you can be assured your answers are always authentic.

Expert writers to deliver polished contents, always

We have an arsenal of experienced content creators ready to help you with outreach, compilation, creation, and publishing.

You can always expect consistently high quality and polished roundups every time.

High engagement and increased social media shares

With our strong online presence and expertise in outreach, we can help you promote your roundup post to significantly increase your social shares and engagement.

Valuable expert exposure to increase organic site traffic

Using our huge network of experts, we can help your post gain traction through expert exposures, increasing your site’s organic traffic through trusted word of mouth.

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What Do People Think of Our Service

We had the opportunity to work with the Ninja Assistants team to promote our new startup, and the results were beyond our expectations. The Ninja Assistants team was able to get 100 highly influential experts in our field to participate in the campaign and brought significant awareness to our brand. We've been provided with constant updates during the campaign and they delivered exceptional work. We'll be working with them again and I highly recommend Ninja Assistants to anyone looking for a professional team capable of delivering world-class results

Dragos Deneanu

Viktor has been amazing in reaching out to me on many occasions and always presents me with questions which challenge the creative side of my marking brain. Viktor's articles are insightful, thorough, and original.

Rafi Chowdhury

Experienced a professional Round up by these guys, i must say having little experience in outreaching and blogging in general i was a bit skeptic at first but it didn't take long to change my mind, results where amazing, glad we went through with this.Thank you for the experience and for the amazing results.

Rolandis Michele