EP#61 Tom Hunt - Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing

I met Tom Hunt when Dave (cofounder of NinjaOutreach) introduced him to me a few months ago and I thought, this guy had built a successful business himself so maybe I should feature him in our show and people can learn from his experience too.

So we got in touch via some email exchange, however, the interview got delayed for some time until recently.

I’m very happy that we got to sit down and talk about everything outsourcing because, although I’m sold on this topic (we have a remote team), I’ve learned a lot of new valuable insights from him that I can use to improve my business.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why Outsourcing works for startups
  • How to hire the right VA for your business
  • What’s the best on-boarding process
  • How to manage your remote team
  • How to increase your team’s productivity
  • How to develop a company culture in a remote team

And that’s just to scratch the surface! Listen to this podcast in order to get a more in-depth understanding of everything you need to know about outsourcing.

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