EP#58 How To Build And Make Money From A Blog

(This one's a special post, this how I met Dave Schneider, the co-founder of NinjaOutreach.)

Dave Schneider is the founder of SelfMadeBusinessman but before that he successfully master how to make money from a blog. He built several blogs, monetized them, and made enough money to travel the world with his girlfriend Vicky (also a food blogger at AvocadoPesto).

Dave started his journey on the normal path most people are encouraged to take:

  1. Study hard
  2. Get a degree
  3. Get into a big corporation
  4. Work your way up

Something about that route didn’t ring true to Dave and he started to feel unfulfilled and unhappy with where his life was going so he had to make a choice…

Should he continue on a path that was fairly safe and predictable?

Or embark on a journey that was a lot more risky but excited the hell out of him?

Take a listen to the interview I did with him and you will find out exactly what he did.

In this interview you will also discover:

  • How Dave built a blog about his travels with his girlfriend all over the world that went on to generate them 10k+ a month
  • You will also discover how he takes a blog thats under a year old and get insane interaction in the form of  shares and comments
  • How he comes up with content ideas that have his audience craving for more
  • His top tips for promoting a blog post after he has pressed the the publish button
  • Plus how he builds amazing relationships with influential peers in his industry and that's just the tip of the iceberg he continues to drop amazing actionable tips throughout the interview

This is one not to miss let me know what you learnt and thought of this interview in the comments below.