EP#18 Patrick Batty Takes Advantage of His Sales Background to Transition into Internet Marketing

There are many reasons why an individual decides to make the transition from the corporate world to internet marketing. For Patrick Batty it was the thought of having to look for another job in his senior years after he was let go from his latest job. Having carved out a successful career in the software industry over 30 years, Patrick found himself without a job at age 50. Speaking to Mark Samms from NinjaOutreach, Patrick discussed the many different challenges that he was faced with as he made the transition from corporate to internet.

Patrick Batty has managed to set himself up with a successful internet marketing business at the age of 50. As he says himself he is “an old guy” and has been involved in the software world for over 30 years. Initially working in a technical capacity, Patrick became attracted to the sales side of things after observing a few successful people coming and going from his company. He then managed to make the transition from his technical role into a sales role and he thrived in this environment and made a good success out if. Patrick developed a lot of valuable skills during his years in sales, but after being laid off from one sales job after six months he decided it was time for him to look at other options to make money.

The Warrior Forum and the Chris Farrell training program where two things that helped to set Patrick on his journey into internet marketing. He started out pretty basic by building Adsense sites which did make a little money for him but was not very satisfying and not something he wanted to do every day. Shortly after that Patrick began offering his services in a technical capacity to a number of local businesses. After studying various aspects of SEO he was able to advice businesses how to rank highly on Google places. This developed into a nice business with regular reoccurring work but after around one year of operating this business Patrick realized that he should be trying to build a list.

As most internet marketers are already aware, the money is in the list, and Patrick soon realized that this was the way to go. He then set about building his list using a variety of tried and tested methods such as adswaps, solo ads, and lead magnets. He has now built up a sizeable list of subscribers which help to drive his internet marketing business and Patrick is now flexing his entrepreneurial muscles with yet another internet based business due to be launched sometime in the near future. Patrick was a little reluctant to divulge the details of his latest venture during his interview, but he did hint that it was going to be a premium membership site.

Patrick Batty’s late entry into the internet marketing world is testament to the fact that age is no barrier to success in business. Patrick spent a lot of time educating himself on things to do with internet marketing and also utilized his extensive sales background to develop a successful internet marketing business that he can be proud of.

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