Ep#2 Will Fraser - Selling Product Before Writing A Line Of Code

Who says Market Validation has to deal with only interviews ?

That's the question we're answering in today's podcast. Here how a University level electrical engineer Will Fraser sold his product before writing a line of code?

Why I’m So Fascinated?

Running a SaaS software company myself, I’m always interested to know learn and understand how other SaaS companies started, I want to know what things they did and are doing to grow their traffic leads and sales.

I’m fascinated by it and if you're building a business so should you be, mainly because when you start to talk to these companies you realize that they are going through a lot of the same business struggles and have similar insights.

More importantly, finding out how they have dealt with things like product development, retention, churn and growing their traffic leads and sales.

As the conversation progresses you get so many "ah-ha" moments, which will cause you to rewind the podcast to list again.

I actually came away from the conversation enlightened with new useful information I can use to grow my business and I want to share that experience with you so you can get those same benefits to help you build your business and grow your brand.

Meet Our Guest

Our guest today is Will Fraser one of the founders of Referral Saasquatch a Customer Referral and Refer-a-friend Software Platform.

What You'll Learn Today
  • How to validate your product and get sales before you even even write a line of code.
  • How to turn it all around when your business is getting completely destroyed and when the platform you rely on to run you business changes their rules.
  • How to get valuable insight from your customers about your product and then how to effectively use that insight to grow your business.
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