EP#56 Marcus - How To Build Credibility With Leading Expert

Marcus Taylor founder of www.ventureharbour.com and the creator of the World's first scientifically valid 'comfort zone calculator', which he has spoken about at TEDx.

Started his journey as a entrepreneur with the need to get people to buy tickets to come and see the band he was part of at the young age of 14.

He then when on a few years later to run a record label and that’s where he uncovered his love for marketing.

Something told him to really master the art of marketing he needed to work as an apprentice of sort for a big digital marketing agency, through persistence he ended up working for a top expert in the SEO industry Kevin Gibbons.

Who took him under his wing and really showed him how to get out of his comfort zone and really get amazing results by living outside the box.

After doing that for a few years he decided to take a little time out to really work out his direction moving forward

In this time out www.ventureharbour.com was born.

In this interview you will learn
  • How to build credibility with leading expert on your knowhow of using emerging technology to get results using data and experiment driven case studies
  • His insights on what has had the biggest impact on his results so far
  • Also his views on some of the biggest things he feels are holding people back from moving forward and getting results
  • His advice on what are the most important things to focus on if you're starting strach
  • He also gives his take on building relationships and the importance of controlling who you spend you time with.
  • Plus reveals one of the best tips I’ve heard on how to minimize the amount of mistakes you make in your business
  • As a young entrepreneur Marcus is a great example of what can occur and how far you can get by just applying yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.

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