EP#54 How To Turn Ideas Into Actionable Plans

I was doing some research on the best ways to promote a blog post after you press publish and I came across a really powerful and informative infographic by Andreea Ayers who is the founder of LaunchGrowJoy.

What impressed me the most is that I didn’t just find this infographic initially on the LaunchGrowJoy website I found it being shared on a ton of authority sites like WordTracker, Technocrati, and a whole lot more.

That lead me to want to find out more about the creator of this infographic and I’m so glad I did. In fact, I think all of you are going to be glad I did as well because I ended up uncovering a top notch entrepreneur for today’s interview.

Andreea Ayers discovered her entrepreneurial spirit in her teens when she sold knitted hats to her friends in college but somewhere between high school and college she convinced herself that life would be safer and more predictable if she went to work for corporate America.

The education and experience she gained from working for corporate America proved to be invaluable and gave her the foundation she needed for a few years later when she decided to go out and build a business on her own re lighting that fire she had in here teens

In this interview, you're going to hear about how

  • The idea to start a T - Shirt business came to Andreea while she was pregnant and doing yoga.
  • How Andreea took this idea and what she did different that allowed her to sell over 20,000 t-shirts through over 300 stores in only 18 months
  • How she taught herself P.R to get her t-shirts to appear in over 200 magazines, newspapers and TV shows, including ABC, NBC.
  • How she also got her t-shirt brand on the backs of world superstars like Denise Richards, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and Sarah Michelle just to name a few.
  • She also talks to us about her mistakes to help you avoid them
  • She then broke down how she turned all that knowledge of running a t-shirt business into an information product that sold like crazy.
  • If that wasn’t enough Andreea went on to give us actionable tips that product based businesses can take away and use right away to improve the results in their business.
  • But she was on a roll and started spilling insights on how you can use Pinterest to send tens of thousands of targeted visitors to your business.
  • And she revealed her process for promoting a blog post after you hit the publish button that gets you a ton of visitors, likes, shares and comments

So make sure you listen to every word Andreea has to say because she basically give away the farm.

I would publicly like to say thank you so much Andreea for so openly sharing so much of your knowledge when it comes to running a successful business I learnt so much.

And if YOU thought the interview was as good as I did make sure you thank Andreea and share your thoughts in the comments below.