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Last year we grew our business from 0 to over $100k in annual recurring subscriptions

  • Jan 15 - NinjaOutreach launches
  • Feb 3 - 1st hire (Marketing Assistant)
  • Mar 17 - $10k ARR
  • Apr 15 - 2nd hire (Developer)
  • Jun 3 - 3rd hire (Marketing Manager)
  • Jul 13 - 4th hire (Marketing Assistant)
  • Jul 27 - 5th hire (Developer)
  • Aug 3 - $50k ARR
  • Sep 5 - 6th hire (Developer)
  • Nov 5 - $100k ARR
  • Dec 27 - 7th hire (Designer)

Annual Recurring Revenue (k)

  • 150
  • 125
  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25
  • 0
  • J
  • F
  • M
  • A
  • M
  • J
  • J
  • A
  • S
  • O
  • N
  • D
  • 4.5
  • 5.3
  • 9.8
  • 15.9
  • 24.4
  • 26.2
  • 39
  • 68
  • 73.5
  • 88.8
  • 106.3
  • 121.4

Get Access To The Whole Course

What are we going to see during this course


Phase 1
Building The Foundation


Content Creation


Phase 2
Making A Splash

Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing

Outreach Marketing

Podcast & Press Marketing

Link Building


Phase 3
Refining What's Working

Tracking & Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization


Phase 4
Removing The Bottlenecks To growth

Processes & Management

Tools & Resources



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Vlad Stan, Startupkit

Dave is a very business oriented person. His feedback was entirely focused on helping me generate a business from my startup. He also helped me make sure I was going to focus on the essentials in order to provide value for our customers.

Janet Chang, San Francisco

In sharing his own business story for NinjaOutreach, Dave has been helpful in giving me the confidence to pursue certain types of customer acquisition and marketing that I had previously been skeptical of. In particular, I appreciated learning about the top 3 techniques Dave used to build and grow his company's customer base.

Geoff Hopkins, A World of Ideas, Melbourne (Australia)

Dave was amazing. He provided some tangible general advice (and some specific free products that are well worth having a look at, as well as a good tour of the forthcoming product that Dave and His team are putting together. I came away feeling VERY inspired. Thanks Dave!!

Brian Kearns, Kansas City, Missouri Area

David's entrepreneurial insights are amazing visible by the knowledge of his business experience, and the tenacity for asking all the right questions. What made our conversation interesting was David's ability to be honest and absorb feedback. I would recommend David if your startup is struggling, and you're in need of inspiration and advice to get you to the next stage.

Adil Zuberi, United Kingdom

Dave was very helpful in providing advice on initial preparaton for my blog and tips for finding the right audiance. Our chat helped me add more ideas to the arsnal of my future services. If you need help, I recommend talking with Dave.

Nikolai Warner, Greater Seattle Area

Dave was super helpful! I was stuck with slumped online course paid sales. He walked through 3 different strategies with me, and really took the time and effort to home in on one and answer all the questions I had about it. I'm now busy implementing all of what he said!

Kamil Kopylowski, London, United Kingdom

Was really good to connect with Dave. He made important points and made me more sure about steps which I want to take in the near future. Recommend it!

John Manning, Chiang Mai, Thailand

David is on the ball. This guy knows his stuff. I got loads of insight from our call. We touched on content marketing, networking, and startup business expansion... I came away inspired just by seeing what he's done on top of the advice. If you're an entrepreneur of any sort definitely hit up Dave for a call.

William Tang, Travel Blog Breakthrough

Dave was extremely helpful in providing expertise and actionable advice in the world of travel blogging and more specifically strategies to monetize. He was completely transparent and forthcoming. I would recommend anyone with online business help to chat with Dave.

Amrit Sharma, New Dheli, India

I was struggling with customer development for my startup idea, mostly with analysis paralysis. I set up a call with Dave because I wanted to hear his thoughts on influencer outreach for custdev and see what I could glean from his experience. And right off the bat, I could tell Dave knows what he's talking about. For instance, Dave cautioned me from only reaching out to influencers for custdev, because that will give me a skewed view of my target market. And not to confuse custdev ideas with marketing. I strongly recommend you reach out to Dave.

Divesh Nair, Mumbai, India

Dave's insights on my idea of starting an accounting blog, among a couple other business plans, have been an eye-opening experience for me. I have to thank him for all that he has shared. I plan to take his advice very seriously and take action to help me set up my business and connect more with others in a similar stage as myself. In our chat, he helped me, not only by giving an opinion on my business plan, or the things, that I may consider doing, but also cleared some questions which I would've probably struggled a bit, to find answers for on the internet. I would highly recommend talking with Dave, for his honest advice on setting up a business, which comes from his experiences, and his real humble manner in connecting with people. Thanks Dave, you're awesome!


Is this just for software businesses and owners?

No. This course is for all business owners who want to scale up their business through inbound marketing. It is applicable to virtually any online business. If we wanted to talk just about software the syllabus would be completely different.

If I already know about inbound marketing will I be bored?

Unlikely. We also knew a lot about inbound marketing when we launched NinjaOutreach last year. It didn’t change the crazy amount of learning we’ve had launching different campaigns, optimizing our workflows and growing our team to over 10 people.

If I don’t have a business will it be beneficial for me?

Yes, but not as much. There is never anything wrong with learning and investing in yourself. However, because the learnings are intended to be applied to a business we recommend you pursue that and come back later.

How does the course work?

Every week we’ll deliver 30- 90 minute lectures on that week’s topic followed by Q&A. The replays will be available to you as well as cheat sheets summarizing the major takeaways and resources. You’ll have direct access to the course creators via email, phone, and office hours throughout the course.

What happens if I don’t like it? (Money Back Guarantee)

We’ll refund all your money, hassle free. Just ask us within the 12 weeks program.